5 Best Wi-Fi Providers for Buses and Motor Coaches

Wi-Fi is a wireless LAN that allows users to connect with internet technology and to perform various tasks that require internet connectivity. Wi-Fi connection offers a faster, more reliable, and cheaper internet access.

Nowadays, providing a Wi-Fi connection is considered as one of the important customer services as you may have noticed that almost every restaurant, café, institutions even transport services like train, cabs, and buses give access to free Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi allows wireless connection for up to 20 meters, and it is also known as Internet Routers; it is a cordless internet connection.

Wi-Fi for Buses and Motor Coaches

Wi-Fi network provides both security and privacy to its users for communications as they use the internet connection. A Wi-Fi connection in buses is very beneficial for the travelers it provides connectivity if your network lags in some places, you can navigate your way while you are on the bus, can explore the place before you reach your destination and many more.

Let’s have a look at best Wi-Fi providers for buses and motor coaches.

Top-Rated Wi-Fi Providers for Buses & Motor Coaches

The ideas of providing wireless internet connection or access to wireless connection on commuter systems bring better communication, and it seems like the next step in civic services. Not having a Wi-Fi connection on a commuter system often limits the commuters in many ways since we use the web for countless interactions.

Several companies are best suited for providing top-rated Wi-Fi connections in buses and motor coaches, which are as follows:


Nowadays, the world runs on the internet. We want to use internet everywhere. If you own a bus or motor coach, then you will surely be aware of the importance of WiFi. The EYENET is considered as the best WiFi provider in Buses and Motor Coaches. It comes with a number of features to assist its users. The best thing I love about EyeRide LLC is the provide a demo also. It allows us experiencing its amazing features. Check below area to read its full features.


  • The most important feature is its user connectivity, i.e., it can easily support 100 users at a time with high-speed internet.
  • EYENET is specifically designed for the transportation industries to provide you great internet network with high-speed in any environment or for almost every application.
  • It is super compact when we talk about the size, which means you can easily mount & use it in whatever vehicle you want.
  • You wouldn’t have to worried about its power source as EYENET accepts power from any possible source it can be power jack, or you can go direct -to -battery wiring, etc.
  • It comes with remote updates and configurations that allow you to change and manipulate its default settings as per your need.
  • EYENET comes in 3G/4G connections and can also fluctuate providing you high-speed internet according to the network connectivity.
  • EYENET as a Wi-Fi router always makes sure that all possible IoT devices such as EyeRide IoT devices are and stay connected on the go, which includes Passenger Counting Control, real-time GPS, EyeRide TV, etc.
  • It also features content filtration, hotspot gateway, wireless access point, backhaul link, bandwidth management, and much more than these.

2. Teldat

Teldat is another important & useful Wi-Fi routers for buses with advanced services to provide to its users. Over the span the years Teldat has developed H1 & H2 Automotive+ versions of its Wi-Fi routers and being an in-vehicle/bus router Teldat provides you following features to explore:

Teldat Routers - Wi-Fi for Buses and Motor Coaches

  • The unique feature of Teldat bus routers is temperature withstanding, i.e., it can withstand extreme temperatures without facing any type of effect in its internet or network connectivity from -30 degrees Celsius to +70 degrees Celsius.
  • For safety reasons, you can link external panic buttons to Teldat routers to increase the security of bus passengers as well as of the drivers.
  • It offers both 3G & 4G connectivity to its user so whether you are traveling on a short urban ride or long tour, you will always be connected.
  • It also offers dual carrier connectivity which allows you to connect other vehicles up to 3-4 to one main bus carrying the router.
  • Other than the features listed above, Teldat provides you link aggregation, load-balance, application continuity, positioned based dynamic behavior, etc.
  • It acts as a platform for multiple secured & isolated services with advanced troubleshooting, a fine-tuning feature also.
  • It can easily handle and maintain a number of applications on the main vehicle as well as on the other vehicles also connected to the main vehicle.

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3. Wi-Fi Soft

Wi-Fi provides a reliable internet and entertainment solution with its years of experience for the transportation industry. It offers various features to its users along with cloud software or Wi-Fi hotspot solution etc. let’s move further and have a look at all the possible features Wi-Fi Soft offers:

Wi-Fi for Buses and Motor Coaches

  • Wi-Fi Soft uses Enterprise Grade access points so that all the users can have a wide coverage over the network with reliable connectivity.
  • It comes with a unified hotspot controller that allows you to guest login for the short ride passengers.
  • It has a PMS integration system, e.g., IDS-Fortune, WinHMS, Opera, and many more.
  • Wi-Fi Soft monitors bandwidth by providing customized vouchers to the guests for control reasons.
  • It also has a powerful dashboard on which you can view detailed graphs and reports of each hotspot on vital statistics.

4. Zcomax

It is one of the best bus and coach Wi-Fi solutions providing a number of features to its users with hotspot that connects anywhere or everywhere.

Zcomax - Wi-Fi for Buses and Motor Coaches

So, now let’s have a look at its features which are provided herewith:

  • Using Zcomax router in your buses would mean you will get a bandwidth guarantee with the high-speed & reliable multi-LTE connection.
  • It comes with Multi-site Management to provide VPN concentrator & Cloud ACS.
  • Zcomax provides enterprise-grade security to its users, which includes Wi-Fi Encryption, Firewall, and VPN secure interact.
  • It provides and meets all the features required by users such as it can be easily used in a vehicle, can be deployed flexibly on large areas with wide coverage connectivity, can withstand harsh outdoors, etc.
  • Zcomax routers come with advanced/enhanced access which offers a captive portal for advertising, instant information, user authentication, multi SSID, bandwidth management policy, etc.

5. Conduit

As you can see Conduit is last on our list, but it is not the least, it has several unique sets of offerings as its features which you might want to check out. Let’s now take a look at features. Conduit provides as a bus router:

  • Like any other bus routers Conduits provides 3G/4G features which are essential in case of fluctuating network connectivity.
  • It makes sure that the users stay connected in whatever environment or surrounding with broad bandwidth.
  • Conduit offers high-speed internet connection, which is the most important feature any user wants and also makes sure that users receive uninterrupted connection.
  • It is very easy to use so you won’t need to get through a set of instruction guides.
  • T is very profitable plus pocket-friendly.

Final Words

We have mentioned five best WiFi providers for Buses and Motor Coaches. Though, every WiFi provider is good with its features. But The EYENET is best as it is loaded with very unique and useful features.