15 Best Weather Forecast Apps and Weather Widgets for Android

Whether you are traveling to a new place or planning a fun camping trip, the one thing that’s a must is to know the weather. While there are one too many applications to do this, some are set apart from the rest. To save you from the hassle of figuring out which one’s the perfect one for your need, we’ve brought it all under one page. So, go ahead and get planning!

Best Weather Forecast Apps

<1.> AccuWeather

This is one of the most popular weather applications for Android. It has a 4.4-star rating and with good reason. This application is known for its accuracy and minute-by-minute prediction of the weather.

With its easy to use interface, one can conveniently navigate through the app. It is also known for the RealFeel Temperature technology, which not only tells you the weather outside but also how it feels.

<2.> 1Weather

This application is the top-rated app for global weather fore-case. The simple and fun outlook of this app makes it more usable. Not only does it provide a 12-day weather forecast to great accuracy but also sends alerts about severe weather conditions.

It has many other features like wind speed, humidity, visibility, UV index and even percentage chance of precipitation in the next one hour amongst many other features. Apart from all this, the app is also multilingual so that even your Chinese-speaking neighbor can use it.

<3.> CARROT Weather

For those of you who find checking the weather as a boring task, CARROTWeather is the one for you. It is amongst the more recent applications for a weather forecast. This application provides accurate weather readings, and what’s more? it gives them to you in quirky, witty and sassy remarks. It’s not long before you look forward to a rainy day just to see the hilarious dialogues. If you subscribe to their application, with a minimal fee of $3.99 a year, you can use the no-ad version with access to the history of weather recordings and customizable widgets.

<4.> Awesome Weather by YoWindow

This is a rather simple app, which might not have as powerful radars as the other applications, but sure knows how to make reading the weather a fun task. They have fun interactive screens with changing landscapes and setting suns. One can comfortably check the weather for the whole day with just a swipe of the finger. If you are looking for a simple yet attractive application, this is highly recommended for you.

<5.> NOAA Weather Radar Live & Alerts

This is a powerful yet simple application to keep track of the weather in multiple locations. This app has a strong radar with accurate weather reports. It also provides a “feels like” temperature reading for the most comprehensive report. The application also provides push notifications for situations like floods, tornados, storms etc. so, if you are looking for a simple application which provides the closest forecasts and weather reports, this is the app for you.

<6.> Storm

Hurricane & Storm Tracker, Weather Maps: this one is a bit different from the others. It is basically an app which warns you about the natural disasters of the meteorological origin. Along with that, the app also provides live weather reports. It claims to receive information from The Weather Channel, so it’s more accurate than most other applications. It claims to provide severe weather forecast up to 8 hours before the storm hits. The imagery is also pretty graphic, which is presented in Doppler radar imagery. All these features make it a unique and pretty desirable app.

<7.> Today Weather

This is a recent application which is a pleasant surprise to the user’s eyes. Being of the most beautiful application interfaces makes it a joy to open. Filled with many colorful and relevant imagery, it not only makes the weather presentable but also accurate. It also provides users with different parameters like dew point, UV index, pollen index, and even air quality. This application also provides details about sunrise, sunset, and even moonrise.

<8.> WeatherBug

This old application is known for the speed and accuracy of the forecasts. WeatherBug provides around 18 weather maps, some of which are Doppler radar, lightning alerts, heat index, and pollen index. The widget is a nice addition to the home screen in order to keep track of the weather. It also provides alerts for severe conditions.

<9.> Weather Channel

One of the simplest, most straightforward applications available on the store. They claim to produce accurate forecasts and predictions up to 15 days in advance. It also provides a storm radar which would provide live tracking and push notifications in case of an emergency. This app is a simple and easy-to-use application which makes it a pleasure to see the weather forecasts.

<10.> What the Forecast

Last but definitely not least is the What the forecast app. As we can infer from the name, the highlight of this app is its funny quips and lines. It made it into the social media for being obnoxious and funny with its way of presenting the information. There are over 5000 of these witty liners to make sure you aren’t bored while you check the weather. They also provide different widgets for the home screen, making it worth checking the weather.

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Summing Up

Now that we have summarised a list of all the best weather forecast apps, you can choose the most compatible one, and avoid all the mishaps without having to search for the best ones.