10 Best & Free Typing Software for Windows 10/8/7 PC

There are so many Typing Software to type fast, typing fast definitely saves your time. Average typing speed is 40 words per minute. But also you can type more than 190-200 characters per minute. In-order it will help you to save time and also by learning fast typing you already know where the letters are actually placed.

Best and Free Typing Software

You know the keypad/keyboard very well. You know details about the keypad/ keyboard. If you know that very well you type much faster, because you don’t have to keep finding the next letter you want to type, your finger is automatically on the next letter you want to type


Features of Typing Software

  1. Basically all the typing software give to same things.
  2. It improves your efficiency in typing.
  3. It makes you a better and fast typer
  4. It improves your skills.
  5. It gives you knowledge about typing

<1.> KeyBlaze

It is a free typing software that enables you type pretty fast. This software is useful in demonstrating typing for beginners.

<2.> Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor

It is one of the best typing tutor. The user becomes well versed with the skills required for typing. Now a days typing is required in every field, it is important so having knowledge about typing is also of importance.

<3.> Typing Trainer

It trains you properly because it is difficult to work of you don’t have knowledge. So you can learn the art of typing through this software. This software will help you and make you learn everything necessary required for fast typing. This course evaluates the rate of typing and even provides a lot of advice and also different programs that enables you to learn more and proper process for typing.

<4.> Rapid Typing Tutor

It is based on learning the skill of typing. It is also available in a lot of languages like french, German, English, Spanish etc. It is easy for children to use and learn.

<5.> Max Type Pro

The level of typing in increased from beginners to advance. It is very helpful. It also gives practical sessions so it is practiced as well.

<6.> Typesy

The company devoted 6 years on research so it’s impossible to go wrong somewhere, it’s totally reliable. One can totally trust it.

<7.> Ultakey

You should use this one if you’re looking for typing proficiency software for your children. Ultra key has videos and some animated graphics to ensure that kids are having fun and also learning at the same time.

<8.> Type faster

Jobs revolve around typing. Typing increases job efficiency. When person types without meerly looking at the keep board is called “touch typing”. This is not a difficult to understand software but a trivial one.

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Writing with pen and pencil is been replaced by typing software on computers and phones and laptops. Our work is almost on computers. So we got to be a fast writer to save our time so that more work is done in less time.

There are lot of online sessions and typing software that will help to improve your typing speed . Typing software improves your typing speed by offering tips and challenges.