Top 9 Rice Purity Test Questions for Girls {Explained}

As you know Rice Purity Test is a combination of 100 questions. It contains questions both for girls and boys. There are many surveys and research which indicates that some of these questions are quite confusing to give a proper answer. So, we have prepared a list of top 9 Rice Purity Test Questions for Girls. All the answers explained here are based on personal experiences of many girls who have taken the Rice Purity Test before. Here is the list:

1. Purchased Contraceptives?

I actually have.. Used to buy plan B pills when I was having sex regularly with my ex-boyfriend. I used to get condoms as well. Those are terrible and kept causing acne on my face! It also made me gain weight. I hated taking those but it’s better than getting pregnant I guess. Contraceptives are damn boring to follow. I don’t regret it though. Casual sex is awesome and I don’t mind the pain of contraceptives. Thank god my mo never found the pills in my room! She would kill me.

2. Ever Been on A Date?

Ever been on a date - Top 10 Purity Test Questions for Girls

Who hasn’t? In this modern day and age, nearly everyone has been on dates. I have been on many dates since high school. Dating is an integral part of having a great nightlife. My first date was very scary, but it got better after.

I have had tons of amazing, funny, crazy and sad dates over the years. I love going to the movies and then grabbing a bite after the movie. Tasting different types of food every week is a fun experience. But it sure can put a dent on your salary though!

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3. Been Drunk?

Been drunk - Top 10 Purity Test Questions for Girls

Of course! I love drinking. Going out on dates and getting a drink together is extremely fun. My first time getting drunk was horrible though. I had way too much vodka with coke. It was awesome at first. The euphoria kicked in and it felt like I was flying!

The music was awesome and I was dancing with my best friends. It was amazing but I was drinking too much and I couldn’t stop spinning and ended up puking. Being drunk can be an awesome experience with the right people but often ends up screwed up.

4. Had Period Sex?

As crazy as it might sound, I actually unknowingly had period sex. It was a dark room and I started making out with my boyfriend. He went down and I and we started having sex. I felt damn wet around my thighs and when we turned on the lights, there was blood everywhere!

There was blood all across our lower bodies and faces! It was pretty scary at first, our rooms looked like the aftermath of a murder. After we cleaned up, we laughed a lot. It is one of my memorable experiences. Definitely hated cleaning up the sheets afterward though.

5. Urinated in Public?

Please! I’m a civilized human! The only way I truly had to urinate in public was when I was out trekking. There was no real toilet so I had to go behind the bushes.

Would never do it again! It’s a terrible, uncomfortable and dirty experience. It is not as easy for girls as it is for men. A pen can just whip it out and pee, we can’t do that. So yeah, urinating in public is very difficult and annoying.

6. Held Hands Romantically?

Held hands romantically - Top 10 Purity Test Questions for Girls

Yeah, I have. I was very close to my first boyfriend and we were really romantic. We were a cute new couple and couldn’t stop doing PDA. He would hold my hand every night we walked back to my house. It was amazing. Of course, it was romantic. It was a nice experience while it lasted.

There definitely was a lot of romance between us. I loved holding hands, it felt warm and close. Umm, I think holding hands and walking is one of the cutest things a couple can do.  I wish I could go back to that day and hold his hand again!

7. Been Kissed on the Breast?

Yeah, being kissed on the breast while having sex. It is an amazing feeling. It is a sensual and romantic thing. I did it with my first boyfriend. It was sexy and sensual. My boyfriend did it to my breast while we were having drunk sex once. Being kissed on the breast is an intense feeling.

It is sexual and intimate at the same time. I loved the feeling of being kissed on my neck and then on my breast. I still love it, it is a hot feeling. Yeah, being kissed on the breast is hot. Especially with some sucking action.

8. Gone to A Club Without Informing Parents?

Gone to A Club Without Informing Parents - Top 10 Rice Purity Test Questions for Girls

Yes! When I was younger I used to sneak off to a local club all the time. There’s something very thrilling about going to the club without telling anyone. I have gone a lot of times, without telling my parents. When I was in school, I used to sneak off to the clubs all the time.

I used to go with my friend and party all nights. I was underage and it was fun. There is just something fun about doing illegal things. It’s a lot of fun!

9. Cheated on Your Boyfriend?

Cheated on Boyfriend - Rice Purity Test Questions for Girls

No. I have never really cheated on my boyfriend. I’m pretty crazy but I have never really cheated on my guy.  I think cheating is wrong, it just does not make sense to me.

So, yeah, I can honestly admit that I have never cheated on my boyfriend. I Had plenty of boyfriends but I never thought of cheating on any of them. Hurting someone for no reason, It makes no sense. I just think we should all be honest with other our partners. Here I would like to mention that you can also check Top Rice Purity Test Questions for Boys.

Final Words

So, as you can see that the answers to these question are totally depends on the one particulars personal life and experiences. Rice Purity Test shows many aspects of your life and one should take it seriously before clicking on an answer.