Top 9 Rice Purity Test Questions for Boys {Explained}

Recently I wrote about Top Rice Purity Test question for girls. Now its time to reveal top question for boys. According to my research, most of the boys select these answers. Therefore, I am explaining these answer through the experiences of others. So, let’s start.

1. Been in A Relationship?

Held hands romantically - Top 10 Purity Test Questions for Girls

Yeah, I have been in a couple of relationships. Earlier I used to only hook up with loads of girls, but eventually, I tried dating as well. It was a fun relationship and we had a lot of fun. We were romantically very involved and crazy for each other. It was my first relationship and it was pretty cute.

I fell for her hard but ultimately some things are not meant to work out. But we had a pretty good run. We made great memories together and it was good while it lasted. I had some horrible relationships too, though, and they gave me some issues.

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2. Kissed A Non-Family Member?

Of course, I have. I used to make out a lot with my previous girlfriends. I used to sit in the movies and make out with my ex-girlfriend. I have kissed a lot of girls in my life. I gotta be honest though, it is exceptionally fun to make out with hot girls.

I still do it from time to time. Going on dates with hot girls, for movies and then grabbing a bite afterward. My first kiss was very awkward though. I made lots of mistakes and it was too fast. I checked this column in the Rice Purity Test.

3. Masturbated?

Yes, I have masturbated tons of times! Obviously, any guy who says he does not masturbate is a liar. I make it a point to masturbate at least once a day, every day.

I love doing it. It is stress relief. Sometimes I put on some porn as well. Masturbating to porn is amazing. I think it is something every guy should do.

4. French Kissed in Public?

I have never really french kissed in public. Although it looks amazingly fun. I keep seeing people do it in movies and shows. It looks cute and romantic. I think kissing in public is fine as long as we do not overdo it.

French kissing in public on my bucket list for sure. Especially in Paris, in front of the tower. Maybe one day I will be able to do it, hold hands with a girlfriend and french kiss her till I want. French kissing seems very romantic and personal, a very intimate thing.

5. Been Arrested?

Been Arrested - Rice Purity Test

I got arrested for public drunkenness once! I was going home after a party. I had way too much to drink and my friends too. We were way too drunk to catch an uber, so we kept walking our way. We did not misbehave, but we were damn loud.

We wanted to run to the nearest burger king and eat as much as we wanted. But running made us nauseous and I puked everywhere. A nearby policeman spotted us and gave us a lot of talks! We were made to go to the station for public nuisance. That is the closest I have ever been to being arrested.

6. Had Sexual Intercourse in Four or More Positions?

Of course! I have had sex in hundreds of positions! I have made a thorough study of the Kamasutra at this point. I love missionary and the cowgirl on top. Those are amazing positions. I have experimented and tried loads of different styles over the years but I keep coming back to these.

These are just the good old reliable styles you can always enjoy. I think different positions can really spice up sex, the same ole positions can get really boring. So, yes, I have tried way more positions than just four!

7. Cheated on A Significant Other During A Relationship?

I have never really cheated on a significant other during a relationship. But I have gone on many dates when I was friends with benefits with someone.

I don’t believe in cheating on someone. It is best to break up if you want to involve yourself with other people. I guess I can say that I am a bit old fashioned. I still believe in love and relationships.

8. Had Severe Memory Loss Due to Alcohol?

Had Severe Memory Loss Due to Alcohol - Rice Purity Test Questions for Boys

In college, I used to overdrink a lot. There were constant parties happening every weekend and we were young and stupid. All that over drinking actually caught up with me because I was drinking back to back week after week. I blacked out and even forgot what happened the entire night.

I woke up on a park bench. I still do not remember what happened. It made me understand that I need to stop drinking so much. That was my craziest hangover. I do not remember a single thing from that night. It is all a blur.

9. Been in A Fight With Your Friends?

Of Course, I have. I think most people have. I am a very short tempered guy so most of the time, It can be really easy to piss me off. But I still control myself around my friends. But there have been many cases when I lost my control and fought with my friends.

It can be more annoying because friends are people you care about. I think one should avoid fighting with friends. It is not a pleasant experience.

Final Words

All I can say is that take advantage of these well-researched answers. Rice Purity Test is really not a much funny task. So, these 9 answers can be very helpful for you. Do share your test score and experience of the test with us.