10 Best Time Management Apps For Managing Your Time Perfectly

Time is an extraordinary resource that you cannot store or save for the future period. You need time to get what you want with and in your life. Prudent and wise time management can help you find the time you desire to do what you really wish and accomplish the goal of your life.

Benjamin Franklin rightly said, “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

With sensible time management helps to make a person conscious choices and carry out some productive tasks rather than procrastination. Better time management can help you reduce wasted time and energy and without a doubt helps you to become more ingenious and creative.

Time Management Apps helps a person to realize the importance of wise time management and helps a person increase his effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity.

<1.> TweetDeck

Time Management Apps - TweetDeck

First and foremost the app which makes its place in the list of best time management apps is TweetDeck .the app, TweetDeck is a social media dashboard application of management of Twitter accounts. It is one of the most popular Twitter applications.

The app contains a series of customizable columns which can be set up to display the user’s Twitter timeline, mentions, direct messages trends, favorites, hashtags. The tweets can be sent immediately, or it also can be scheduled for later delivery. The users of the app can also monitor multiple accounts simultaneously. Thus the app is absolutely one of the best time management apps for the purpose of multitasking.

<2.> [email protected]

Time Management Apps - FocusatWill

In the list then follows is the app is [email protected] app which helps a person to focus, reduce distractions, maintain the productivity, increase the efficiency, sustain competence and retain information while studying or working. With the means of music, which is used across cultures to make people work and feel better, the app [email protected], makes it easier and faster for the people to concentrate in an efficient and better way and brings them in a focused flow of state.

The app keeps the balance between the two poles of distraction and training and keeps its users focused on your work.  Thus the app is truly worth giving your time and making it help you to time your all tasks consciously.

<3.> RescueTime

Time Management Apps - RescueTime

The list continues with one of the most useful app, Rescue Time. The app is a marvellous time management tool that provides intelligent insights into how to spend your days judiciously. RescueTime app that is an automatic productivity and time tracker that helps a person to comprehend and have power over the time spent on your android devise.

The app includes invisible productivity and app usage tracking .with this app on mobile device one can set screen and time goals. The app also allows its users to block distracting websites and put the phone on do – not- disturb mode to allow the users to contemplate with their on-going tasks. Thus the app, RescueTime is one of the most constructive and functional apps of all time.

<4.> Focus Booster

Time Management Apps - Focus Booster

Focus Booster, a time tracker app, which is based on the Pomodoro technique, helps in empowering its users to maintain their focus and manage their distractions. Keeping track has never been simpler. the sessions are automatically recorded in your timesheets so you no longer have the headache while recalling where your time want. With the usage of dashboard reporting, one can visualize progress and can further advance their efficiency.

Thus the bits of help in discovering a new way to balance your life and work by keeping the users updated with the measure progress and productivity and helps in finding the areas for improvement.

<5.> YesWare

Time Management Apps - YesWare

Then comes the app YesWare, with the sales productivity platform, which provides the facilities of email tracking, customizable templates, an email scheduler, meeting booker, and CRM integration to Gmail and outlook users. The app which was founded and developed by Matthews Bellows, Rajat Bhargava and Cashman Andrus in 2010, allows its users to use its capabilities where they already work, just by product plugging into email inboxes.

The people involved with the working of this app can send mail mergers up to 200 recipients, sync emails, calls, and calendars with their CRM system and create and use email templates. The app also allows you to share effective templates with friends and families.  Thus it is one of the most constructive apps of all times.

<6.> SaneBox

The app which marks its place on the list of best time management apps is Sanebox. The app restores sanity to your inbox by prioritizing the incoming email that actually is essential and imperative and is absolutely relevant to your day. Less important emails are automatically filtered into spate folder and then summarized in the daily digest.

Sanebox works with email client, service or devise. With the simple addition of a folder to the user’s current email setup, unimportant emails are filtered then and there. Sanebox doesn’t send or receives the user’s email. It simply works with the current email provider and ensures only important and relevant email land in your mailbox. The app, SaneBox truly boosts the user’s email productivity.

<7.> EverNote

Following the list is the app, Evernote. A free app for the Smartphone and computer users, so that everything you can lose, giving examples of, boarding pass, any bills or receipts, any article or important document ,to–do-list or even a simple note, gets stored and kept safe with the app.

The Evernote app works radiantly, keeping everything in sync and coordinated between its user’s computer, mobile device or even tablet. With the usage of this app, one can take photos of any sort of receipts or any notes and can easily organize them.

Evernote app can even save voice memos with the creation of ‘shared notebooks’ one can share work with your friends too. The texts, images, and documents you upload into Evernote are fully searchable. This app, thus, is no doubt truly useful.

<8.> WunderList

The next app which joins the list is the Wunderlist app. The app makes it super easy to organize, and share your to-do, work, movies, groceries or household lists. With the app, one can set dates and reminders and dole out their work list. With the Wunderlist in charge, one never misses any deadline related to any sort of work.

The Wunderlist pro teamwork, one can easily share their lists and work collaboratively on projects with their colleagues or friends. Thus with this app by your side, you can effortlessly organize all your tasks for work and personal life.

<9.> Skitch

Skitch can restore the visual element to remote communication, Skitch is an app from the Evernote that tries to make information as easy to really virtually as it is in real life, by making it easy to capture screenshots and interpret them. It gets quickly installed and has a vertical toolbar with scant seven tools, each with large and clear icons.

This app includes a very interesting UI widget. The tab at the bottom of windows, which protrudes outside the border, says ‘drag me’ and after complying, one gets a local copy of the file. Just grab the tab and drop anywhere .a very fuss-free way to save your work or attach it to emails.

<10> 1-3-5 List

Time Management Apps - 1 3 5 List

Last but not least, the app which enters the list of bets time management apps is 1-3-5 List app. The app uses the 1-3-5 method which is an unobtrusive and minimalist productivity technique that helps you prioritize your to-do-list to get the biggest and complex things and tasks done, instead of living you with a giant list.

Every day you can write down the one bigger daily goal or the task to be accomplished, three medium sized items and five smaller items to get done, The app is like a supercharged checklist that visualizes the three categories of tasks you have each day- and from any device. The app is available for Web, iOS, Android, Windows and more.


When you have timed boxed tasks, your brain gets rewired to follow the structure and accomplish those activities within the desired time frame. With the proper utilization of time and prioritizing of activities, one can easily provide a better quality of work. Effective time management skills make you more productive and efficient as a working professional.

Your overall productivity often goes on a toss when you are working on unimportant tasks but effective time management skills let you tick off tasks that are both important and urgent. Being punctual with the work will not only increase your effectiveness but will also help you earn a good reputation at work.

Thus these time management apps help you in a very resourceful way by increasing your efficiency and competence by enhancing your time management skills.