Best Streaming Software To Stream Movies And TV Shows

Right from social media channels, gaming levels to educational lectures; anything worth sharing can be streamed online nowadays.

Best Streaming Software

Best Free Streaming Software to Watch Movies Online for Free

Here are some of the best Streaming Software present in the industry now:

<1.> Open Broadcaster Software

Since it’s open source, developers all over the world find it easier to make plugins for this software. Setting it up is a little bit of hassle as it is comparatively more technical than other competitors. There is a well-knit community of tech-enthusiast in their forums to help each other out in case of assistance needed.

<2.> XSplit

One of the biggest and oldest brand in the streaming industry | Has two versions : Broadcaster and Gamecaster |

Gamecaster is for newbies to learn streaming in a streamlined fashion, and broadcaster is more suitable for the experts of this industry. Even though both of these options come at a price, they are not as expensive as their competition. Gamecaster has preset values and is easy to set-up as compared to the Broadcaster. Broadcaster allows the user to edit and work on bitrates, codecs and other such things.

<3.> Wirecast

Made by Telestream, there are two versions of Wirecast – Studio and Pro. The pro version goes above and beyond with their offers – high resolution recording, live scoreboards, 3D visuals etc. As much as it gives too much control to the user for setting up and editing, it can get a little too complicated for the beginners of this software. They are also known for having one of the best UI.

<4.> D3DGear

Best for Gameplay-recording | Has “Push to talk” feature | Face camera |

Simple and easy to use interface, this software supports integration with Oculus Rift. This can help influencers, who want to record their gameplays and share it with their subscribers.

<5.> Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs OBS has better performance and friendlier themes compared to OBS. They don’t have a studio version though. In terms of customization, this is very limited and doesn’t offer much options. It has average ratings in terms of streamlining. OBS users need not switch to this, as that has better range.

<6.> vMix

vMix has the feature to stream in 1080p. The higher version allows 4k streaming. This is the best option to mix gaming with streaming. The only con to this software is it only supports windows, and not on Mac. Even though efficient, It has a complicated user interface.

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All of these above-mentioned Streaming Software have their own pros and cons, these streaming programs can be used for each and their own user. Either a hobby or a full-time business, streaming is only effective – if it’s done right. So, take these into consideration and pick your favourite!