Best Streaming Apps for Watching Movies, TV Shows Online

Let’s rewind back to 15 years, to the days when you had to wait  for your local cable operators to put the latest ‘just-out-of-cinema’ movies on your TV screens every weekend and the feeling of disappointment when it wouldn’t happen, and those annoying advertisements which stretched out your shows/movies by almost a fourth.

Best Streaming Apps

Well, now fast-forwarding to the present, you can watch those shows and movies anytime and anywhere without those annoying commercials, by making use of the devices you carry around in your pockets and bags all day long. Now, watching your favorite movies/ Tv shows and even Live TV has become easier, private and convenient.

Who would’ve ever thought at that time that this could ever be possible? And, yet here we are binge-watching more than ever before.

All of this has become a norm rather than a luxury because of VOD (Video-On-Demand) Streaming Apps.

What is A Streaming Application?

Streaming is a technology that transmits data in a continuous flow and allows you to watch or listen to something almost immediately. It delivers digital content from a data streaming service provider to various electronic devices like computers, mobiles, laptops, etc. over the internet. It is the substitute for downloading the whole file before you can actually watch or listen to it.

One thing is clear: Streaming digital data has become an intuitive way for consumers to watch, listen and enjoy. Nowadays, streaming applications not only let you stream movies and tv shows but also live news, sports, music, events, etc. with the introduction of live streaming.

The multimedia market is highly competitive at the moment. So, the more functions the streaming application has, the better it will flourish in the market. Most of the existing streaming applications have common features like user registration and login, user profile, live video streaming, In-app video storage, comments and discussions, subscriptions and push notifications, customer support, etc. with some unique features.

The best way to watch movies and television shows on your smartphone almost immediately without actually downloading them is by installing the right apps. Let us have a look at all such top-rated streaming applications and services which are pushing the golden era of TV ahead by shouldering the industry.

<1.> NetFlix

Everybody knows about it. Netflix is one of the world’s top-rated streaming applications. It is all about watching your favorite movies and tv shows on almost any device at any time. All you need is a Netflix subscription, a good internet connection and of course, loads of popcorn and snacks for a perfect movie-binging night. It only costs you $7.99 per month for its basic plan that includes streaming on 1 device. It gives access to all the content and is accessible by all the Netflix supported devices.

Other plans include streaming on 2 to 4 devices and access to HD and Ultra-HD streaming. It comes with a huge catalog of content, including high-quality original programming, family-friendly videos, and parental controls. What makes it the leading application among others in the market is that you can enjoy your movie time without any interruptions from advertisements.

It also has a strong recommendation engine and it keeps tracks of what users like to see. Then according to the user’s behavior and preferences, it recommends new shows. It almost works on all multimedia devices like mobiles, laptops, PS3, Blu-Ray Player, Wii, Cell Phone, iPad, PC, Macbook, Streaming Devices like Roku, Google TV, etc. According to the reports of January 2019, the company garnered 140 million paid subscriptions.

<2.> Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is Amazon’s video streaming service. Its a box packed with excellent TV shows, mostly worth watching regional movies and Original Prime movies ranging from classics to modern hits. Amazon prime video comes with a lot of content and clear HD video streaming. It is comparatively cheaper and provides you commercial-free streaming with quality content. It not only offers you video streaming services but also free music streaming services.

Amazon has a library of over 1 million songs that can be accessed by any Prime member. It includes unlimited skips, access to handcrafted Prime Playlists and advertisement free streaming. It is an all-in-one package in its own. That means you not only get the video streaming service but also the 2-day shipping, some cloud storage, music streaming services, and many more prime services. It is also extremely affordable with prices ranging from $119/year for an annual Prime membership and $59/year for an annual Prime Student membership.

<3.> HULU

As the competition between top streaming applications is increasing rapidly, Hulu is still maintaining a steady pace with its new original series and a good library of classic tv shows and movies. It has an excellent catalog of complete TV shows, strong anime content as well as a live TV with cloud DVR. It is available on almost every media-streaming devices like mobiles, laptops, MacBook including Nintendo Switch.

For $11.99/month, you get access to newer network shows and good original content with no interruptions from advertisements and commercials, so that’s pretty much a great deal as a whole. This is the reason why Hulu is one of the top picks for streaming new and original TV programs from a wide variety of platforms.

Streaming applications are not only about streaming videos and movies. It’s much wider than you think. Nowadays streaming apps have been developed to not only stream video but high-quality music too.

<4.> Spotify

Spotify is one of the leading music Streaming Apps that gives you access to millions of songs and podcasts. Its music catalog is among the largest, covering more than 35 million songs. They also keep on adding 10,000 songs a day, which is quite impressive. It comes with various plans like Spotify free, premium, Student or Family plan, etc. Although it offers access to its library and features for free, nothing can knock the premium experience.

Spotify premium provides ad-free access to millions of songs and an ever-updating library, curated playlists and stations, and personalized updates, the ability to play music offline, and much more with just $10 per month. Luckily, it’s a pretty affordable price considering how much you get in exchange.

It has also personalized the experience of listening to and discovering music. It has a strong recommendation engine. Spotify analyzes your listening habits and builds out customized recommendations by suggesting playlists and music based on the genres and artists you’re listening to regularly.

And then there are some top live streaming app like

<5.> Periscope

Periscope is said to be one of the most popular live broadcasting streaming applications around. It has a linkage with Twitter which has helped it reach the top of charts. It can be used along with Twitter as it does not requires any prior downloading. Periscope doesn’t require any formal installation and can be used along with Twitter.

The media which is broadcasted can be responded to and liked with one-tap. In addition, the option of “replay highlights” displays the best parts of broadcast after it ends. Its discover option brings in the broadcast from all around the world

<6.> Instagram Live

Instagram has become one of the most used streaming apps for live streaming broadcasts. It allows you to stream video to your followers and engages with them. It lets you stream live broadcasts in real time and allows you to save a replay of video to Instagram Stories. This app is highly recommendable if you want to interact with your followers speak directly to them. No professional equipment or studio is required whine proves to be a cost-effective way to stream content.

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These are just some of the Best Streaming Apps from a pool of many. Since, the market of streaming services is expanding day by day, more and more innovative applications are being introduced every day. Applications like Hotstar, Sling TV, HBO Now, SoundCloud and many others are doing great too, but, they still have a long way to go and reach the top.