Best Social Networking Sites You Need to Know About

Earlier, we used to think that food is the essential part of life. But that notion is becoming wrong nowadays because before eating, we will take a picture of that food and will post it in social media platforms with hashtags (#). No one can say nowadays that they are not involved in social media sites. In some way or other, we are evolved in Social Networking Sites.

Best Social Networking Sites

Our morning starts from it, we wake up by the notification of Facebook, and it wishes us the good morning we post pictures of good morning wishes. We wake up and make up and post a story on Instagram and tweet on some meme present in tweeter. Then we will enjoy by using a doggy filter of the snapshot. As quoted morning shows the day in the whole day we will post activities in Social Networking Sites before anything we do. The night ends with goodnight wishes.

The Best Social Media Sites Names Are:-

Application NamePaid/FreeOS

So we shall now discuss all of them in a detailed manner.

<1.> Facebook

It is founded by Mark Zuckerberg. It is the most popular social site. The reason for the popularity of this app is people, along with posting pictures, videos.

They also can post advertisements for promoting their company or products which help their business with this site. But nowadays Facebook has declined his craze among netizens as it is blamed for sharing personal information to the third party.

<2.> Instagram

The second site that has made netizens mad is Instagram. In this site mostly all the people are present, for example, film stars, YouTuber, photographer, models, etc. are present they post their day to day updated picture, and all people follow their dream ideals here. After Facebook is blamed, a wide variety of netizen directly switches on to Instagram.

<3.> WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a messaging app from which you can communicate to your loved ones. Yes, there is a feature for voice call, video call also.

Nowadays, it is hard to believe that Android phone not having WhatsApp. People will see you like as if you are an alien if you don’t have WhatsApp on your phone.

<4.> YouTube

Moving on to the next social media site, it is YouTube.It is a widespread social platform where anyone can watch any videos of their interest and can learn any new skills from it.

And if anyone posses any talent, they can showcase it by making a video all it takes to make a video is a can share videos and can chat with your friends too. Nowadays famous YouTuber is not small than any film star. For an instance who in this world don’t know Bhuvan Bam?

<5.> Snapshot

Moving on to the next craze is a snapshot. Yes, I don’t know about you, but when I heard this name, the first thing that came to mind is dog filter.

Just like any other site, you can post pictures and all. But the unique side of this site is it has many filters which netizens used it for looking glamorous. It had obtained a wide craze among netizens by these filters.

<6.> Twitter

This birds take your message from you and spread it on a global level. You may be viral in a day or some if you have tweeted something overwhelming. Many people share their opinions and their point of view on the post posted by others.

<7.> Pinterest

Yeah from its name it is clear that pin your interest. This site has a cluster if ideas with them be it in a photo form or videos.

And you can pin ideas of your interest and can try it too then will post the picture of pin you have tried. Many people use it for business purpose by posting their advertisement and promoting it.

<8.> TikTok

I am quite sure that this name is not unknown to you. The netizen’s new craze is Tik Tok now. So in this site people mimic everything they do lipsing with Bollywood dialogues, songs, etc.

They dance, and the moves are shown in slow motion. They act with hilarious expression in their face, and people are crazy for that expression.

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<9.> Quora

At last but not least, I will end it with Quora. It is a question and answer based, i.e. you can post any question you want to answer than any person knows about the answer will post the answer. It’s simple concept is sharing knowledge among each can do your blogs, and also you can hold a session in which topic you are thorough about, and others will ask questions about it to you.


Human beings are social animals, and they meant to be social. I am nowadays increasing in smartphone giving rise to the growth of social media. Using social media is considered bad, but it’s not like that use it but don’t get addicted to it, i.e. “Make social media your servant, not master.”