Best Root Apps to Root or Unroot A Android Phone {2019}

The procedure of gaining privileged command over your Android smartphone, tablet, or other devices is termed as rooting. Root Apps gives the user root access over his/her device, which otherwise requires special permissions from the administrator.

Best Root Apps

Why Do We Need Root Apps for Android Phone?

If having entire control over your phone is your thing, then rooting is perfect for you. After rooting, you will find your way to numerous features and operations which were earlier restricted for you. Being a superuser, you can out-and-out alter the functioning of your device. You will be the master of your phone. Thumbs Up! What more can one ask for?!

The Cons of Rooting Android Phone

As we all know, everything comes at a cost. Similarly, rooting has certain drawbacks also, which must be looked upon carefully before taking the final step.

  • Say goodbye to the warranty: Once a device is rooted, you cannot get it serviced under warranty.
  • It might be the last day of your phone: One major risk that rooting involves is getting your phone bricked, which means it will be dead and consequently useless too. All the efforts put in by you will become worthless in a few minutes.
  • Results can be contradictory: What a sight of despair it would be to see your phone performing poorer after rooting. This is exactly what happens to some users after they root their smartphones. Therefore, instead of getting access to more advanced features and speed, you will lose what you already had.
  • Viruses: Your phone might get the virus after being rooted. Installing an app or ROM might leave you at risk of installing malicious software.

Top Root Apps for Android Phones

  • Quick Boot
  • DiskDigger
  • Titanium Backup
  • Greenify

<1.> Quick Boot App

Quick Boot is a free app created by an app developer Opportunity GH.

It is a very simple app that has two options ‘Reboot’ and ‘Power Off.’

To use the app, your device must be rooted since superusers only get access to such apps that involve restarting your system.

The app comes with an email address that allows users to contact the developer. You can also rate the app out of 5 if you like it.

Features of Quick Boot App

The app has a premium version, too, that is paid. Additional benefits of having the premium version are:

  • Rebooting only the Android VI
  • Reboot and power off can be done through the Tasker

The premium version does not need an update. It acts as a key that is required to get an instant upgrade to the regular free version.

The main specialization of Quick Boot is that it performs the task of rebooting with just a single tap.

<2.> DiskDigger

DiskDigger is another one of the most famous Root Apps. It is easily available on the Google Play Store.

The good news here is that it works on both rooted and unrooted devices. However, operating the app on an unrooted device limits the tasks that you can perform.

One pre-requisite for using this app is that your device has to have Android 2.2 (Froyo) atleast.

Using the app is quite easy. Once the app is launched, two options appear: ‘Basic Scan’ and ‘Full Scan.’ The Full Scan, as the name suggests, is a wider operation and is available only for rooted devices. However, the Basic Scan is available to all the devices irrespective of the fact that they are rooted or not.

Features of DiskDigger

  • If you just need to recover lost photos and videos, then the free version would be enough. What needs to be noted here is that videos can be recovered only on rooted devices.
  • The Pro version is for the ones who want to make the most of their phones. This version allows recovering files other than photos and videos. It supports better deletion of unwanted data and frees up space more efficiently.

The DiskDigger also welcomes suggestive feedback from the users and aims at making the app better constantly.

<3.> Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup has gained massive popularity over the course of time, and it deserves every bit of it.

Caution: This app is meant only for the rooted Android users. So, to enjoy the benefits of this application, root your device beforehand.

Titanium Backup lets the user manage the applications effectively in a way like no other. It allows you to perform a backup of all the essential data, system data, and your passwords too.

One drawback as we get to know from the reviews is that the app does not support an eye-pleasing interface. It has a black and grey screen which might not look pleasant at first glance, but you will surely get used to it once you start using it. The advantages of this application will surely outweigh its not-so-friendly appearance.

<4.> Greenify

Are you sick of running back to the charging point again and again? Your phone’s poor battery life is to be blamed here. But relax! There is a solution- Greenify app. This application will help you get that extra battery life that you always fall short of and that too with zero inconveniences. This is a free app that can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store.

The main and only function of this app is to regulate your device’s battery life so that you can use it to the fullest. Greenify works by finding all the apps that consume more power and automatically puts them to sleep mode when not in use. Another plus point here is that it is not necessary for you to have a rooted device to operate this application. So all the people struggling with poor battery backups here is a win-win app for you.

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Summing Up

This was a list of a few best root apps along with their main features. All the merits and demerits of rooting have been mentioned above also. Therefore it is advisable to measure all the pros and cons of rooting and then only decide if rooting is something you need or not.