Best Roku Apps in 2020 – Movies, TV, Music, Kids, Sports

 Best Roku Apps in 2020 – Movies, TV, Music, Kids, Sports

Best Roku Apps - Movies, TV, Music, Kids, Sports

<1.> AhlulBayt TV

This is an Islamic channel in the Roku streaming for free. It is the first English-language Shia Islamic Television Channel launched on August 17, 2009. The name of the channel AhlulBayt is Arabic for ‘Holy Household.’ The channel’s primary motive is to convey the message of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, the possessor of all virtues and his Holy Household.

The pre-announcement made by the channel’s founder in 2004 was that the plan of the channel was “to show the true, undistorted nature of Islam and Islamic civilization to the West.”  This channel features Shia Muslims scholars and speakers and is assisted by various British and American Professionals from different backgrounds. I mean, what is more, beautiful than people of multiple religions coming together to spread holy messages!

<2.> The Saint

This is an interesting one; a modern day Robin Hood sorts. The protagonist – The Saint usually steals from bad people – the rich criminals, gangsters types and keeps the loot for himself (Well, he could have distributed a part of it to the needy ones is what one may be thinking).

In addition to that, since they are the ‘bad guys,’ he somehow manages to get them caught by the police too. Smart enough, huh?

<3.> ICW On Demand

This is a sports channels which offer 115+ hours of wrestling action to get those adrenaline rushing. There is a short preview trailer available for each video in the beginning. This way, you will know beforehand if that match is worth your time or not.

<4.> Andrew Wommack Ministrie

Andrew and Jamie Wommack believe that them crossing paths was a divine appointment made by the god and now they are trying to teach the God’s, unconditional love and the balance between grace and faith wherever they can because they consider it as a privilege to have the opportunity to share the truth of the God’s life-changing power and grace.

<5.> The Prisoner

A secret agent who recently retired is abducted and sent to a bizarre prison camp. He is continuously tortured for information, but he gives out nothing. He makes many unsuccessful attempts to escape but only results in his exhaustion. This British TV drama series is a good mix of druggy, trippy, clever, sorrowful, goofy, and gorgeous sights. Wonder what effort it took for the makers to put in.

<6.> LES MILLS On Demand

It is another one of best Roku Apps suited for people who cannot take out time to go to gyms. It streams the entire portfolio of online workouts on Roku, which is as easily accessible as any other song online. You are bound to perform better since you have to compete with the group around you, and the chart-topping music makes it easier.

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<7.> Good Mythical Morning

The name suggests enough. It is a talk show where the hosts/comedic duo takes up original challenges, serious tests, and experiments in hilarious ways and makes fun of themselves. They also invite celebrity guests and get very chaotic, which is the ultimate goal cause it is funny.