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Rice Purity Test is one of its time lasting survey that includes questions on various aspects of life, such as sex, drugs, crimes, and vices. The Rice Purity Test is a 100 questions long list which will ask almost any fanatic, naughty or sexual activity you have done till this point in your life. It is a fun test and it is created only for fun purpose.

The test was initially developed to help the freshers to socialize by taking the test and bonding with the seniors to get a great college life. The test also helps in growing the personality of the student also curbing traits that he or she may feel distracting. After reading the entire article, you will be very well informed about the Rice Purity Test and all about it.

The Freshers Orientation Test- ‘Thresher Rice Purity Test’

The freshers or the 0-week students voluntarily take the Rice Purity Test and get a chance to mix with the crowd. The test lists 100 questions about your life and the activities done in the past.

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You need to check off all the questions that match your scenario. The test includes questions with various domains. Some of the most popular domains are listed here.

Encountering The Police

Encountering The Police - Rice Purity Test

The Rice Purity Test asks you many questions that relate to your Encounter With Police. The main idea of such a field is to check the obedience of the student with laws and how he or she tackles the cops.

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There may be any reason you have to encounter the police, and many of them would be listed in the questionnaire. You have to check off the answers only. The questions of this domain are:

  1. Had the police handcuffed you?
  2. Have you been arrested?
  3. Ran from the cops?

rice purity testSmoking Marijuana

Smoking Marijuana RicePurityTest

Marijuana is illegal in almost every country. Anyone caught red-handed gets unbailable imprisonment. The smuggling of marijuana is widespread in the states, and the usage is even more.

The cultivation of marijuana is however limited to only remote areas as it is also a crime. The teens are exposed to marijuana at a tender age, and they get addicted to it. Without having sufficient information about it, they harm themselves. The questions of this domain are:

  1. Smoked marijuana?
  2. Used a drug worse than marijuana?
  3. Got caught smoking marijuana?

Sexual Activities Outdoors

The Official Rice Purity Test

The concept of having sex is changing. People now prefer more exciting experiences at different ambiances, be it outdoors. The youngsters who are engaged in sexual activities often do it outdoors.

It can be a park, or some playhouse or anything. This domain checks how desperate the student is for sexual activity. The questions of this domain are:

  1. Had sex in public?
  2. Had sex outdoors or in a car?

rice purity test


Rice Purity Test Online

There are many forms in which a Crime can be defined. One of the simplest ways to define crime is something that is done against the law. Some of the most common forms of crime are doing drugs, murder, cheating, etc. Youngsters today are very actively involved in criminal activities such as drugs, cheating, etc.

This domain analyzes the student with the criminal mindset and behavior. The questions of this domain are:

  1. Used methamphetamine, crack cocaine, PCP, horse tranquilizers or heroin?
  2. Ran from the police?
  3. Have you been questioned by the police?
  4. Been suspended from school?
  5. Gotten an STI test?


Physical health is as important as mental health in one’s life. Experience suggests that three factors, namely, mental breakdowns, mental disturbances, and mental illness impair the mental health of em­ployees which generally describes his/her actions. The common saying ‘Health is Wealth’ explains the importance of health in real life.  Healthy body and mind result from interesting personality, positive thinking, hale and friendly relations, fewer distractions etc.

Thus a healthy person has this capability of recognizing potentially bad situations and applies control measures to prevent disease or illness or infirmity and advises one to live the life to its fullest which is possible only when one pays attention in keeping his mind and body sane and healthy. Thus, being healthy provides leverage to a person to stay positive, avoiding all sorts of negative forces, staying away from crimes and living a peaceful life.


Real and supportive relationships will help us to feel healthier, happier, and more satisfied with our lives and most importantly when we are in a healthy relationship with a person, we are positively guided towards our life and live it to the fullest. Empathy and understanding builds a positive connection between people and tries to connect them. The healthy relationship offers support and develops mutual trust between people.

When we build relationships, it always teaches us something, and by building a relationship which gives us positive vibes, we always remain calm, compose, happy, connected and satisfied. A positive and constructive relationship always helps us to find a way in dark and worst situations, Healthy Ensure that the relationship you have with yourself is a positive one and it always shows the right path to walk on.

Actively listen to hear what other people have to say also acts one of the essential roles in developing a positive and happier relationship. Give people time and “be present” when you are with them without acting as a hindrance in the communication process. Develop and work on your communication skills which ultimately help in acquiring a relationship without a misunderstanding. Manage mobile technology and be aware of its pitfalls. Learn to give and take constructive feedback.


Culture is the livelihood of a vibrant society, expressed in the various ways and means which describes us, and allows us to celebrate our past and remember who we are along with imagining our future.

Our culture describes where we come from and it also offers us the liberty of seeing the world through the eyes of the others. With improved learning and health, increased tolerance, and opportunities to come together with others, culture enhances our quality of life and increases overall well-being for both individuals and communities.

When we try to learn and participate in the cultural fests of other countries, it not only builds a happy and positive relationship but also allows diversity and mutual understanding between citizens of various nations, who belong to diverse cultures. Researches have stated that arts and cultural participation can help a person to improve his psychological state.

Participation in the arts can help one to overcome isolation. Vancouver’s Arts, Health and Seniors Project found that active participation in the arts had positive health benefits, such as social cohesion and emotional and physical well-being.

Avoid Drugs

Prevention is the key. This may sound like a cliché, but it’s nevertheless true. Prevention and proper education are the only way to help someone avoiding drugs or getting over drugs. And for those that do it the first time, it’s equally as dangerous to say “I can stop at any time.” When someone experiments with hazardous substances like drugs and alcohol, he/she severely destructs not only physical but also mental health, and end up ruining their lives.

Staying away from drugs and alcohol is the only way to positively prevent drug addiction and furthermore preventing them from ruining and destroys not only one but many lives. The first question that comes in mind is ‘how to say no to drugs?’ Regular intake of drugs and alcohol often results in the crimes committed by the ones who get

Addicted to these fatal substances. There are many ways one can adapt to keep himself away from the deadly use of the drugs. Some of them include learning to deal with life’s pressures, don’t give in to peer pressure, try developing close family ties and healthy habits. Thus, if one wants to a life free from any immoral and criminal guilt, he needs to stay away from all the sorts of chemical and drug-related substances.

Digital Distractions

the official rice purity test website

The ways of getting sexual pleasures are changing and so is society. The advanced technologies can help you get whatever you want by just sitting on your desktop or laptop. Smartphones and devices can also do that. Digital Distraction contains an excess of dating, gaming, digital sex, chat and shopping.

Digital sex can be done with a video chat, or a text chat or even video conferencing. Youngsters are involved in such activities due to the exposure they get to the internet and the digital dating media. The questions of this domain are:

  1. Engaged in sexually explicit activity over video chat?
  2. Sent or received nude photographs?
  3. Have I participated in an orgy?

The above were some of the main areas of interest of the Rice Purity Test. Being honest and transparent is the key to get your actual score. Now that you have given the test, its time to check the rating.

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Rice Purity Test Scores Info

After submitting the Rice Purity Test, you now get your scorecard. This score is based on a scale of 100 and is quantitative. Remember, it is not necessary that you get a high score or somewhere between 80- 90. You can always check the FAQ for Rice Purity Test.

The test is a survey and is based on an individuals life and grooming. So here are the scorecards categorized for you.

SCORE: 100-98

A score between 98 and 100 is the maximum desirable and obtainable score. Not many people fall into this category. Generally, it is seen that those who are born with a silver spoon get scores like these.

This type of score bearers are highly addicted and also criminal minded. They are usually tagged ‘spoiled.’ But there may be some who want to experience everything in their life and get the heck out of it.

SCORE: 97-94

The second category is the score of 94 to 97. It is a small range, but after long research, this scorecard is categorized as those who are continuously growing.

These are the type who never settle for anything less than the world and in the future may even score 100. These score bearers have a firm but disciplined personality.

SCORE: 93-77

This is the category that includes the majority of the population. The score bearers are generally ranging from middle-class to high-class children. These students are seen to be artists in their fields and are often indulged in better practices. They can have excellent control over themselves and can lead to a better life.

SCORE: 76-45

The score of 76-45 represents the introverts and the shy ones.  These score bearers lack social skills and are very shy to come into the mainstream.


All those who score below 45 should take their life and daily habits seriously. They may have a mental disorder or may be suffering from a disease.


The Rice Purity Test is a voluntary test taken by the freshmen. They tend to take the test to get a better social life in college and lead to a better life. The score categorization of the test is strictly based on research and surveys. It has nothing to do with quantitative connection. Ultimately, the test is based on a persons life and the way he wants to live life.