The Best Productivity Apps That You Need in 2020

In this technological world, Typewriters replaced Note pens — cycle has grown up to Bikes. Horse Cart is replaced by  Bus and Flight. Science is growing faster than people. Productivity apps and Software bring those technologies to people through Web, Android, IOS. Before 20 years Students go to school with lots of Books. Even the students have to eat more food for lifting those books. But Nowadays, Students carry only one Laptop.

Productivity Apps

That one Laptop contains all the data that the books contained. The Internet clears the doubts what the teachers cleared to students in those days. The productivity apps enable users to read, write, and store information. They provide many features to save time. The tools for writing, programming, and designing mostly save time.

Productivity Boosters for Readers

<1.> E-books

Books are the most beautiful things. They give us a way to live a good life.         In this trending World, all the items are in online marketing. We can read books online also. Some companies provide E-books for us. So, we don’t have to carry books anywhere.

E-books available in digital form, consisting of text, image. E-books are handy to busy persons.  E-books reduce our bag size. E-books are supported by major companies, such as Adobe with its PDF format.

<2.> Amazon Kindle

Amazon provides us adorable things. One of the things is the E-books.  The Amazon Kindle App is an E-book reader. We can read the books we want in these apps. Amazon Kindle enables users to read, download, and browse magazines, newspapers, and digital media through the app.                                          Kindle supports dictionary when highlighting a word.

Kindle has Text-To-Speech that can read text from e-book and MP3 music player that can play music when reading.

Review:  In Google play store  4.2 stars.

<3.> Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko Book Reader is an E-book reader and supports EPUB formats for digital publications. This E-book app, we can do the alignment of text and line. It supports Adobe DRM.

This app provides many features for users. We can turn the pages with volume keys. It allows users to look up any words defined in the dictionary, Wikipedia, or on Google. It allows users to search a word globally within a book.

Review: In Google play store 4.2 stars.

<4.> FBReader

FBReader is an e-book reader for Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Android. It currently runs on many other mobile devices like the Nokia Internet Tablets and Desktop computers. It supports multiple book tar, GZIP, and BZIP2 archives.

It supports text search and Text-to-speech that read the text from the e-book, and it has Automatic hyphenations. It supports formats include EPUB, Fiction Book, HTML, PLUCKER.

Review:  In Google play store 4.5 stars.

<5.> Moon+ Reader

The Moon+ Reader is a digital book reader that helps to load the desired books online. It supports formats like EPUB, MOBI, HTML, zip, or OPDS. In the app, by touching the screen, we can drop down all the app options.

Moon+ Reader lets us configure more than 20 different operations to read the book more comfortable. We can change the fonts or selecting the type and size with the touch screen gestures.

Review: In the Google play store, 4.4 stars.

Productivity Apps for Photographers

<6.> Editors

In this century, Mostly people have editing apps in their mobile phones as compared to other apps. People edit their pictures and text. Mostly Editing apps attract people than other apps. Using Editors, we can edit, filter, color, resize our pictures.

Editors are used to editing the images. We can enter or alter the text or image. We can edit our images, videos via Editors. Using editors, we can do the desired performance.

Many people use the editor apps mainly to filter their pictures. The editing apps for documents enables the users to change the fonts, size, and type in their documents.    

<7.> SnapSeed

Snap seed is all type photo editing include control color and exposure. The users can edit pictures by swiping gestures to select different effects. It can also edit and save filter by default filter and editing features.

The special features include drama, vintage, frames, grunge are helped users to make their work easier.

Review: In the Google play store, 4.5 stars.

<8.> VSCO

VSCO is the best editing apps for photographers due to its stylish photo editing. It has editing tools, including white balance, shadows, highlights, and exposure.

The app also allows users to search for profiles, images, and journals. It allows them to discover and explore the picture and profiles suggested to them. We can communicate with others via this app. The main feature is to spark communication between the users.

Review: In the Google play store, 4.4 stars.

<9.> After light

After light is for quick and forward editing. After light provides users various types of editing. This include undoes, adjustments, filters, film, modify, and frame. Additional tools are available in-app-purchases.

After the light was the third most downloaded paid app, it is the most powerful and full-featured photo editing app. This is one of the best productivity apps that you should install to your phone.

Review: In the Google play store, 4.3 stars.

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<10.> Adobe Lightroom

Actually, Light and Lightroom both made by Adobe. Both Productivity Apps are a lot helpful. Adobe Lightroom provides user to create beautiful pictures. It’s the first ever complete photo editor for photographers. It is an online tool for editing photographs. We can edit the picture with crop, adjustments, and presets for the pictures. It’s a way for organizing the pictures.

It provides a cloud-based service for people. It provides essential tools for editing and organizing pictures.

Review: In the Google play store, 4.3 stars.