Top 10 Best Physics Apps for Learning Physics – Updated 2019 List

Today with the advancement in technology students are exploring new ways of reading and learning. Nowadays students are not required to go to the libraries and search for the information in the books which is not only time consuming but also a lengthy process. But now with the help of smartphones, laptops and iPad students can get access to any information from anywhere.

A smartphone has several uses and makes the information readily available on mobile applications. Additionally, we can say that by learning by a smartphone student can learn the various concept by taking their own time. So, we can say that now the focus has completely shifted to eLearning.

Benefits of Using Physics Learning Apps

  • These apps are available 24/7, so there is no need of getting worried about the schedules. The student of any age group can easily operate it.
  • These apps help those a lot who are searching for new and innovative ways of learning. These apps have an element of fun and involvement in the learning process.
  • Leaning from apps make students more interactive with parents as well as teachers. This led to effective communication skills and improved the speaking and thinking skills of a student.

Since we have to know about best physics apps so here is a collection of some good educational iPad apps which help the student to learn the subject of physics.

<1.> Coaster Physics

Best Physics Apps - Coaster Physics

This app is used by educators to bring motion physics to life in the classroom. Coaster Physics App is only available on the app store for iOS devices. Now the coaster physics is now optimized for iOS 8 and latest iPhones.

So basically, this app answers numerous questions such as laws of physics, the relation between speed and acceleration. This app gives you an experience of designing your roller coaster and learn how speed, energy, and certain factors change as move along the track.

Features of Coaster Physics App -:

  • Here the learner can ride his own roller coaster in 3D using any pair of 3D glasses.
  • Your designs can be shared through emails, iMessage to create communication between students and educators.
  • This app contains both the iPhone and iPods versions.
  • It is available in the English language and is compatible with iPhone and iPad.
  • The size of the app is 20.6 MB, so it is easy to store on your device.

<2.> iCircuit

Best Physics Apps - iCricuit

This app is a perfect companion to students, learners as well as engineers. It is mainly designed for iPads and iPhones. You can use this app like any other CAD program where you can add elements, connect them and set the properties.

About iCircuit App

The user need not to spend lots of time configuring reports but can play with the circuit with power on. There are over 30 elements the user can use to build the circuits.

These supported elements include signal generators, voltage sources, current sources, resistors, inductors, etc. 7-segment display, driver, antenna with stimulated AM and FM signals are also included in the supported elements. Here the user can also create subcircuits to introduce their own elements. So, let’s discuss the

Features of iCircuit App -:

  • The new iCircuit browser makes sharing files with other apps easier.
  • There are many fitted bugs and other improvements.
  • There is a new delete tool that makes cleaning up of circuits easier and faster.
  • It is available in various languages such as English, German, Japanese, Chinese and many more.
  • It requires iOS 9.0 and is compatible with iPhone and iPad touch.

<3.> Circuit Playground

Best Physics Apps - Circuit Playground

This app makes calculation and electronic references easier for the user. Here the user can enjoy making and building their own projects. The app is an excellent source of learning for the students. This app is only available on the app store for iOS devices. Basically, we can say that circuit playground is a small microcontroller board with LED, buttons and in-built sensors. This app has a variety of sensors and outputs built in. So, let’s discuss about the app:

About Circuit Playground

This app is available in the English language. It requires iOS 9.3 and compatible with iPhone, iPad. The size of the app is 34.3 MB which is easy to store in the device.

Features of Circuit Playground App -:

  • Calculate power, resistance, current, voltage with Ohm’s law and power calculators.
  • This app allows the user to find a color for LED wavelength.
  • Calculate component values for OP, Amp 555, resistors and much more.

<4.> Gravity App

Best Physics Apps - Gravity Switch

This app is straightforward to use and helps the user to quickly experiment the effects of the universal gravitation by adding bodies into a stimulation. Gravity app allows you to create a stable planetary system, star systems, and other multiple body systems. So, using this app, you can have a vast knowledge about the movement of heavenly bodies in the space.

About Gravity App

This app is available in various languages such as English, Danish, Dutch, Korean and many more. It requires iOS 5.0 and compatible with iPhone and iPad. The size of the app is 7.9 MB.

Features of Gravity App -:

  • New body editor feature allows the numerical data input.
  • New adaptive space grid, covers all user space and less intrusive.
  • The user can enjoy certain sound effects and proper retina support.
  • Here the app analytics can be disabled by the user.

<5.> BridgeBasher

Best Physics Apps - BridgeBasher

This app basically says design your bridge and then destroy it. The app is powered by physics engine and simulates your bridge reacting to destructive forces in real time. Bridge basher you the option to quickly email your bridge to anyone you wish. This app allows you to destroy your bridge in a variety of ways.

Ball Stack: use of gigantic balls onto your bridge until it collapses.

Word Test: use of weighty word trains cross over your bridge.

About BridgeBasher App

This app is available in the English language. It requires iOS 4.3 and compatible with iPhone and iPad. The size of the app is 2.8 MB.

Features of BridgeBasher App:-

  • This app has added retina support for the user.
  • This is a simple app where you build ships, rocket, and bridges and then blast it off in the solar system.
  • It gives an experience of realistic physics.

<6.> Simple Physics

This app helps you to design complex structures and then simulate your design with a sophisticated physics engine. The user can build everything from a tree house to Ferris wheels. The app allows you to correct your mistake very easily. So, this allows you to find and fix the problem areas in your design. At last, it is fun watching explosions and destroying your own design.

About Simple Physics App

This app is available in the English language. It requires iOS 8.0 and compatible with iPhone and iPod. The size of the app is 9.9 MB.

Features of Simple Physics App -:

  • Provides slow-motion mode to your design.
  • The user can email his design to friends.
  • Many levels exist in the app.
  • The learner can experience physics simulation.

<7.> Speed Clock

This app is a unique and advanced app which is designed to measure the speed of cars, boats, footballs, models, etc. The system is based on motion detectors that enable you to track a moving object using a handheld device alone. Basically, it is an easy to use app which can be used anywhere.

About Speed Clock App

This app is available in the English language. It requires iOS 10.0 and compatible with iPhone and iPad touch. The size of the app is 25.3 MB.

Features of Speed Clock App -:

Speed Radar – It uses the camera and studies the motion and calculate the aped of the motion.

High-Speed Video Recording – This featured track small, fast objects and flying balls that can be difficult to catch with regular motion detection.

Distance Measurement – This feature uses user own height as a reference along with the angle of the iPhone to estimate the distance to a point on the ground.

<8.> Building Parallel Circuits

This app allows the user to build simple parallel circuits by using the batteries, light bulbs, and switches. The learner can develop the understanding of series and parallel circuits. One can discover that electricity follows the path of least resistance. In order to build simple parallel circuits, the user can use the 3D and 2D technology.

About Building Parellel Circuits Apps

This app is available in the English language. It requires iOS 8.0 and compatible with the iPad. The size of the app is 38.2 MB.

Features of Building Parellel Circuits App -:

  • This app is only available on the app store for iOS devices.
  • This app can be used by many people at the same time.
  • The app is highly meant for the educational purpose.

<9.> Electrons

This app allows the user to create dozens of positively or negatively charged particles which are contained in conducting bodies. The learner can gain more knowledge about many natural phenomena. An individual can observe the interaction of complex particle and resulting electric forces, simulate lightning rod.

About Electrons App

The app is available in the English language. It requires iOS 8.0 and compatible with the iPad. The size of the app is 6.3 MB and is meant mainly for educational purpose only.

Features of Electrons App -:

  • The app provides retina support to the user.
  • Numerous bug fixes exist in the device.
  • The user can reset the entire scene by pressing a button.

<10.> Video Science

This app allows the user to create a 2-5 minutes video that majorly focuses on the different topics related to scientific experiments. There are also many videos that work with physics, earth science, biology, astronomy, and various other issues.

About Video Science App

This app is available in the English language. It requires iOS 10.0 and compatible with iPad and iPod. The size of the app is 9.0 MB.

Features of Video Science App -:

  • This app will help the teachers and students to know about the various branches of the science such as physics, chemistry, and astronomy.
  • The students can explore various planets and solar systems and enjoy learning exciting facts.
  • It can be very beneficial for new learners also.


These are some of the best Physics Apps for learning quickly. The above apps are beneficial for new learners and school students also. Teachers can even get lots of knowledge and explore new ways of teaching the students so that learning becomes fun for them.