6 Best Photo Editing Software for Photographers in 2020

The days are gone where the camera used to roll over and over and people chose reels over the memory card. Now, all we have is a computer and phones and access to millions of photo editing software & apps.

Nowadays, people want to post stories rather than making memories. But in a good way, all the memories are stored in the gallery or in the unlimited space of Google. All we need is the Best Photo Editing Software.

Best Photo Editing Software

The photo editing softwares are of great use. Not because it makes people look extra beautiful, maybe that is one of the very important advantages, but other than that, photo editing software also creates brilliant pictures out of it. People knowing how to use the softwares are the ones they call artists.

Here we would be talking about some of the photo editing softwares we might create beautiful images with.

<1.> Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

Even though there are troubles and their shooters in the app, Lightroom is still used by half the population and can create magic. It requires skills, obviously, and the best part is that the tutorials are available online, (YouTube is preferred). The manipulation of this app consists of a lot of effects and a huge versatility of tools which might be used to glorify a boring picture.

<2.> Fix The Photo

Fixthephoto.com is an online photoshop editor. It is packed with many features. It is very easy to use. You do not need pro skills to use it. You can use it and test its tools before you make your mind to purchase it. I have personally used this editor. In many ways, it is better than other software like this.

<3.> Adobe Photoshop

Out all the fancy ones, this software remains authentic and unchanged. With this create art, retouch already clicked photographs, blur out the background, focus on the subject and a lot more. This software is also used by graphic designers, video game artists, advertising experts, and obviously the youth’s craze- meme makers.

<4.> Pixlr

 The wow factor lies in the fact that it may be used in both the phone and the computer, which means sync can do all the transfers. Simple tools which are awesome, brilliant filters and attractive overlays. In all, Pixlr is one the best photo editors of the season.

<5.> DxO Photolab

This software is younger than the rest, designed by French photographers for elegant editing tasks. It gives us the best quality pictures with understandable and easy editing tools and options. Easy to use and nice, this app is another in the list.

<6.> Inkscape 0.92.4

This is a professional quality vector graphics software that runs on all kinds of OSs, Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows desktop computers. For a long time now, it has impressed a lot of people with its premium pack of features which are a lot of them and all easy to use. Also, one interesting fact about Inkscape is that it’s free to use.

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Summing Up

In a very simple term, before uploading a picture in our Instagram or Facebook, we tend to find filters to brighten up the photo or to add some sparkles. However, to make the job even easier, Google has come up with an application called Snapseed.

It helps us edit the picture as per our convenience with the tools very easy to use and there are a bunch of seriously astounding filters which are designed to brighten up our days and our moods. So, enjoy clicking pictures and editing them in the best photo editing softwares available.