Notepad++ for Mac – 10 Best Alternatives (2019 Updated)

Notepad++  for Mac is quite popular among the Mac users. Today we are going to discuss about Notepad++ Alternatives. Notepad++ for Mac is a free source code editor. It is a great tool which comes with multilingual feature i.e., supports various languages. The most important thing about using notepad++ for Mac is that it is environment friendly in some essence as it consumes less CPU power thereby, helps in reducing the carbon dioxide emission.

Although, there is no version of notepad++ currently available for Mac OS users but there are other alternatives that can be used by Mac OS users.

10 Best Notepad++ For Mac Alternatives

Here is a list of the best alternatives to notepad++, and these alternative text editors comes with great features for user convenience.

Software NamePaid/FreeOS
Text WranglerFreeiOS
Atom Text EditorFreeiOS
Text MateFreeiOS
Komodo EditFreeiOS
Slick EditFreeiOS
Coda 2FreeiOS

1. Text Wrangler

It is an all-purpose text & code editor and is free to use on Mac OS devices. Text Wrangler is based on the same technology like BBEdit and both are used as a replacement of one another.

Textwrangler - Notepad++ Alternatives for Mac

If you are a programmer or system administrator you will find Text Wrangler to be the perfect text and code editor as it provides syntax highlighting & coloring for almost every coding language such as HTML, Java, C++, Python, Objective -C etc. it also allows the user to compare and merge different files; and also supports regular expressions of Perl.

2. Atom Text Editor

Atom text editor mainly works by enabling cross platform desktop and is able to be used as an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). It is also an open source and free text editor that can be used on Mac OS, Linux as well as Microsoft.

Atom Coding Software - Alternatives to Notepad

Atom Text Editor version 1.0 was released from Beta in 2015 and is written in Node.js along with Coffee Script and Less also.

It provides syntax highlighting for various languages such as GitHub, CSS, C++, Java, JSON, HTML etc. and for different formats of user files also.

3. Text Mate

Text Mate is a paid text & code editor with a fee of $7 per month, it might sound a little over priced but editor is the worth the price.

It is perfect for coding and editing for various computer languages such as HTML, CSS and other web codes which makes it one of the best text & coding editor.

Textmate - notepad++ Alternatives for Mac

Its various useful features include matching of indentation while doing things like pasting, HTML tags, in searching and replacing the foldable code blocks. It allows its users to create macros without using programming codes and the availability of clipboard makes the work a lot easier.

4. Komodo Edit

Komodo Edit was launched in year 2007 and it has been working really good since then and similarly like most of the editors, Komodo Edit is also a free and open source text editor especially for dynamic programming languages.

Komodo Edit - Best Notepad++ Alternatives

It is a multilingual text editor and can work efficiently with its advanced features which are easy to configure. It also allows user to search any code file easily; comes with syntax highlighting and is a really speedy editor to use.

5. Vim

It is a free & open source code and text editor. Vim can be used easily on Linux, Windows, Mac and Unix too. It was originally launched by Amiga and after that it had developed into a cross platform.

Vim - Notepad++ Alternatives for Mac

Vim text editor comes with a completion, comparison and merging of files feature and scripts languages such as Perl, Python, Ruby etc. other than these it also provides search and cursor position histories, syntax highlighting, editing of compressed or archived files etc.

All these features together make it the one of the best texts & code editors.

6. JEdit

This text editor has a history which includes hundred of person’s years that was invested in developing this text editor. JEdit is one of the mostly used editor and has gained trust of millions of coders and programmers over the years.

JEdit - Alternatives to Notepad++

It comes with lots of features which include word wrap, auto indent, syntax highlighting, extensible plug-in architecture, highly configurable and customizable. It is written in Java so it can be easily run on Mac OS, Unix, Windows and it supports a large number of character encodings and allows easy downloading and installing lots of plug-ins.

7. Brackets

Brackets is an open source, free and lightweight yet very powerful, modern text editor made by especially keeping the needs of the web developers in mind. It is one of the favorites for web developer and also best alternative because of its lightweight & powerful feature as it works extremely well on new as well as older MacOS.

Brackets - Alternatives to Notepad++ for MacOS

Brackets provides an inline editor that opens up user file by simply clicking on the file’s code name. It is a sleek editor that also allows you to see instant changes via its live preview feature to you HTML and CSS files in any web browser of user’s choice.

8. Slick Edit

Slick Edit is an another best alternatives to Notepad++ on MacOS. It is an open source multi language code editor that supports over 60 languages and is a true cross platform working on almost 9 platforms.

Slick Edit - Free Windows Notepad Alternatives

It is a simple, easy yet powerful editor tool with several options that lets you manage your projects, classes, symbols and multiple files with vertical, horizontal tabbed in interface.

The editor is filled with so many features to explore but you will have to pay for it one time. It provides features such as expansions of code blocks and syntax, intuitive automatic indentation, backup history, multiple cursors and more.

9. Coda 2

Coda 2 is an one of advanced Alternatives to Notepad++ tool. It was developed by Panic as a commercial and proprietary web development application for Mac OS along with an iPad version called Diet Coda. It is a quick & handy text editor that allows users to manage & publish edited files on the website with very helpful variables.

Coda 2 - Notepad++ for Mac

Coda 2 provides you syntax coloring which you can use for indentation and column guide and its visual tab lets you to easily switch and manage open ending files.

The application is basically divided into 6 sections namely sites, edit, preview, CSS, Terminal & Books and these sections works together so that you can make more out of application for your use.

10. Lighttable

Lighttable is another alternative to Notepad++ for Mac. It is an open source code editor that was developed and was released in the year 2012 and it has been working efficiently since then.

It is widely accepted code editor by most web developers and is an IDE software that you can easily customize according to your comfort level.

Lighttable - Notepad++ Alternatives

Since it was released till today the editor has gained millions of users and became a smart, quick editor for any kind of web language.

Its features allow you to see and evaluate edited code by inline evaluation, comes with various plug ins manager, malleable and has a powerful, clean and sleek interface.

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Summing Up

Finally, these were the 10 best text editor alternatives to Notepadd++ for Mac devices. Anyway, you must know that one application cannot fulfill every web developers’ requirements.

Therefore, try a couple of application until you find the one that fits your requirements and few of the applications are paid so try not to use them for trial; as if you don’t like the application it would be a waste to money.