10 Best Music Learning Apps for Android & iOS Devices

Generally, all of us know that music really rejuvenates, refreshes and calms the soul. Moreover, music is something which can simply make you dance with the tunes. Further, it is the instruments that help a song to do better. Also, the melodious voice of the piano and the rocking guitar make up a great fusion. Therefore, no doubt that all of us like music, in fact, love music a lot. Music helps to convert the feeling of melancholy to a blissful one.

However, don’t you also see yourself on the stage when you see that guitarist playing the chords? Don’t you put yourself in a hypothetical situation where all the people are dancing to your musical instruments’ notes? I’m sure, most of you do. Mostly, you all would really want to learn it. Therefore, here we bring to you the 10 best music learning apps only for you. Moreover, these apps will help you to learn music quickly.

<1.> GarageBand

Best Music Learning Apps - Garageband

Usually, this app is often known to be as Apple’s way. Moreover, this is because it merely makes it easy for you to record the music on your iPhone or iPad. However, this app is just not limited to this. Instead, it is something really more than that. Further, this app brings to you a very fantastic feature.

Here, you get some virtual instruments wherever you take the devices. Although, you will not get any specific lessons. But, that doesn’t mean that it can’t provide you with the right learning. It is because, whenever you would like to have a quick practice session, this is the perfect app to opt for.  Also, this costs just $4.99 which is feasible.

<2.> Simply Piano

Best Music Learning Apps - Simply Piano

As the name suggests, ‘simply’ piano, it is understood that learning piano is no more a difficult task. Moreover, this app just lets you learn how to play the same very gracefully. Further, all you have to do is to place your iPhone by your piano. Next, start playing the same. As soon as you start playing it, the app will offer an immediate response to how you’re playing.

Not only this, but the app also facilitates 5 minutes of music workout so as to make you practice a little bit. In case you find any difficulty in reading the music sheet, then this app is just the ideal one. Because this app provides tips on how to read the musical notes sheets. It has a bunch of fun songs for learners to learn. Also, you will be amazed to know that the app doesn’t cost anything.

<3.> Yousician

Best Music Learning Apps - Yousician

Basically, this app is not for a single instrument, but multiple instruments. Furthermore, you must be knowing that music includes a lot more instruments like piano, guitar or even bass for that matter. So if you are one of those who doesn’t like to limit themselves up to one, then this app is made for you. Yousician facilitates learning of piano, guitar, bass or ukulele.

Afterward, it provides a step by step procedure of tutorials in the form of videos. Initially, it makes you learn the basic notes. Eventually, it takes to a lot more advanced level. Moreover, it includes more than 1,500 missions and exercises. Moreover, it also provides specific lessons. It also doesn’t cost a single penny!

<4.> Uberchord

Best Music Learning Apps - Uberchord

Usually, by using this app, you would not require a guitar teacher in physical form. You must be thinking about why I wrote this because this app is more like your guitar teacher. Firstly, it hears and listens to what and how you play. Moreover, it adapts according to your needs. Then, it provides personal advice and tips which varies according to the user.

Furthermore, this app includes handicraft courses. Also, these handicraft courses teach you all the required techniques. And, this is done by using well-known songs. Moreover, in each, you will get new content. Though, you get a song trainer who teaches how to play tracks in a specific manner. At the same time, download this app for free.

<5.> SingTrue

Best Music Learning Apps - SingTrue

Why don’t you try to be a vocalist instead? Just imagine yourself singing in perfect tune. Feels amazing, right? The SingTrue app provides about 30 interactive exercises. Furthermore, it provides training to your voice, which in turn makes you sing easily as well as confidently. More, this app analyses your singing with the help of your phone’s microphone.

Once the analysis is done, it then provides its personal feedback to you. Moreover, this personal feedback actually helps you to understand your level of performance. Therefore, many unprofessional or untrained singers will be so amazed to see that their voice would become so better. And when all of this is brought to you for free, you shouldn’t even waste a single minute and download it right now.

<6.> Voice Training

Best Music Learning Apps - Voice Training

Now, the name of the app itself suggests its function; that is, it trains your voice. Voice Training is somewhat similar to SingTrue app. Preferably, it is a variant of the same because it provides a little more detail.

Further, it gives you the note you have to sing in. Moreover, it not only provides you with the note but also the pitch you’re currently singing in. Moving ahead, it helps you to expand your vocal range by relaxing your voice. Also, this includes a series of exercises.

Furthermore, to continue your keen interest in the same, this app provides various kinds of singing games. And, as we know, no learning is complete without examination. Therefore, this app organizes interval tests and conducts music grade examinations. These exams help you to understand your performance. This app is free either.

<7.> Tiny Piano

Next up, we have Tiny Piano. Now, this is a bit different from all the apps mentioned above.

Moreover, it involves a little more educational approach. Instead, I can say that this app is made for aspiring piano players. Further, it facilitates the benefit of handling of timing. Moreover, it depends on you if you want to play a particular song fast or slow.

Here, you will get more than 400 songs which are really a very good number! Therefore, you have enough and sufficient to dive into. Soon, you will sense a great amount of satisfaction once you start using this app. And when you get all this free of cost, then I don’t think you even require to give it a second thought!

<8.> Piano free with songs

Although the melodious tunings of the piano are sufficient in itself, having songs along with adds cherry on the cake.

Moreover, Piano Free is quite an easy app to go with. Further, it has its focus on well-known songs from various famous artists which make this app all the more interesting. Here, you get a wide variety of choice to make from a list of 5 instruments.

Then, these are Grand Piano, Electronic Keyboard, Harpsichord, organ, and glockenspiel. And, you can make this choice before making adjustments to your speed according to your ability. Moreover, in order to maintain the actual sound of the piano, it has Force Touch Support. Also, this app comes without paying anything.

<9.> Easy music

Now, this is the app which is created by keeping young children in mind.

Further, it is considered to be a good start for anyone and everyone. Moreover, it really makes music accessible to understand. Afterward, it helps you to understand as well as recognize pitch, rhythm, notes, and melody. At the same time, all this is done in a fun loving way.

Also, it is very simple stuff to understand. However, in case there is any kind of problem in understanding the theoretical background of any instrument, then it provides great musical instruction. However, you will have to make a payment of $3.99 in order to avail the amazing knowledge that this app provides to its users.

<10.> Justin Guitar Beginner Song Course

Here, a brand new inclusion is brought to your play store namely Justin Guitar Beginner Song Course.

Moreover, it helps to provide an interactive session which includes step by step learning procedures. Further, these learning procedures generally include chords, strumming and everything else you can think of. Thereby, it provides a detailed version of everything that is related to music.

Moreover, in order to make things all the more clear, the app brings Instructional Videos along with it. Also, the FourChords guitar karaoke ensures that learning tames ace on a more in-depth and detailed level instead of having just a brief description. Next, you fund a beautiful collection of more than 200 albums to help you out during the course. Also, this app costs nothing.


Therefore, from learning musical instruments like guitar and piano to actually singing in perfect notes and pitches, these apps provide all of these. However, unlike the previous thoughts, learning music now is not a tough nut to crack. Instead, it is now a fun loving activity, which I guess most of us would like to come up with.

So, right now only, visit your ay store and get the most suitable app for you which will help you in every way in the long run.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope that the apps mentioned above bring fruitful results to you all.