Microsoft PowerPoint: Overview, Pricing and Features

I’m the kind of person who lets her work speak more than her words. Call me an ambivert in that case. Are you also like me? Well, if you are then don’t worry I’ve got you covered as we are on the same boat. I’m a media student who is always out there asked to present in class, I’m surrounded by corporates and professionals all around the day around me with their laptops making presentations to get to the peak.


Microsoft PowerPoint Overview

Ms-Powerpoint is a very powerful presentation software that is developed by Microsoft. It is a standard component of Microsoft office suite software. Ms-powerpoint is fastened together with Ms-word, Ms-excel, and other tools. There is the use of rich multimedia in powerpoint as slides are used to disseminate the information.

Powerpoint was developed by Dennis Austin and Thomas Rudkin at Forethought Inc. It was supposed to be called ‘Presenter” but was not adopted due to trademark issues. It was renamed PowerPoint in 1987 on being suggested by Robert Gaskins.

Microsoft PowerPoint Features

In PowerPoint 97’ there was a drastic change as there was adding of predefined transition effects that allowed the user to time the slides so that the transitions could take place automatically. There was no need to pause or click to change the slide as it was all done by the preset instructions only.

So what is new in the recent Ms- PowerPoint for office 365? To begin with, Powerpoint allows you to create and dispense ideas in a very visually enthralling and gripping way. Adding to that is the presenter view so that you can rehearse your presentations.

You know what is going on and what is about to happen next. So, when you are projecting on the second screen, presenter view displays our current slide, speaker notes, etc. so that you bridge better with your audience.

Next thing is that it minimizes your workload with the help of a designer that instantaneously generates ideas for your slides. So on putting the content on the slide, the designer works in the background to counterpart the content to professionally designed layouts.

The text is also turned into an easily readable SmarArt graphics as style is added to the slide by the designer. Also, when you are online that is you have internet established on your pc the designer will suggest you options to add a picture to your presentation.

Powerpoint has very easy to use features which makes it easier to use even if you’re not a professional designer. You are preparing a presentation to maximize the impact of your message be it just friends or an entire stadium. If the tools in powerpoint are used perfectly, the presentation can be made aesthetically and visually pleasing.

Your work would speak more than your words. Apart from that, if you save your presentation to one drive or SharePoint online for office365, you can actually see how your presentations have evolved over time. Adding to that you can also restore an older version in case of a mistake.

Even if it’s a group project where the topics have been divided or be it if you want to get your presentation approved by your boss, powerpoint has got you covered even in that area because you can also work on the presentation at the same moment as your colleagues. How? So, basically, if someone else is viewing or working on the presentation you will be able to see their thumbnail picture on the top right corner of the ribbon.

Adding to that if you don’t like to keep the changes that you’re colleagues or for that matter boss has made you can easily choose the changes that you want to keep and not want to keep.

Microsoft PowerPoint Pricing

So, basically using Microsoft PowerPoint can be a great way to give a high-quality presentation to the higher-ups in your company. It can be a great way to show how solemn you are about what you’re trying to convey. You can either start by a blank presentation or you can choose from templates which are nothing but preconfigured presentations.

They are already constructed with various styles and designs. Now the question arises, “where do I get the Microsoft Powerpoint”? The answer is that you’ll have to buy it. Now there are two ways of buying it. Number one being subscribing to office365 and number two being buying the Microsoft office suite outright from the Microsoft store.

It is worth noting that office 365 is based on a monthly subscription basis and in the office suite you just pay once and use it. Also if you don’t want to create presentations but only want to view what others have created, you can also use powerpoint online and use it for free.

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Other presentation software other than Microsoft PowerPoint is WPS office, Prezi, Google slides, canva, etc. So, go ahead and create your presentations and shine like a star that you are. Hope you find this article informative!