Top 10 Best Math Apps for Learning Math Quickly {Android & iOS}

‘MATH,’ I am sure, as soon as you read this word, it gives students cold shiver down the spine! Generally, most of the students find the subject the most horrible one. Also, it always happens that no matter how much you try, the math just doesn’t show up. Nonetheless, the plenty and plenty of efforts go in vain most of the time.

Although there are many subjects that we do the study, the difficulty level of the subject makes it the most difficult one. Be it the multiple operations, the x y z algebra, or the statistics formula; every topic is more difficult than the other.

Usually, this object brings a lot of struggle with itself. And the struggle is the struggle of the brain. But now, you don’t have to worry. From now on, maths will be a fun loving subject. Also, it will give you men’s happiness as well as pleasure. Because there are ten best math apps specially designed for you. So, here we bring amazing math apps for you.


<1.> Brainly

Best Math Apps - Brainly

Basically, it is a kind of social networking site. Moreover, the great news is that this is for free. Therefore, it means that you don’t have to pay a single penny for this. Further, it is designed especially for the students. Also, the feature to ask questions from homework assignments adds the cherry on the cake!

And, the other members answer your queries with an excellent explanation which provides a solution to your question. However, it facilitates more than just maths. Because, on the other hand, it just only depends on what people on the network know.

So, what are you waiting for? Just go to your Google play store and download the same for turning thus horrible subject to a pleasure given subject.

<2.> HiPER

The second orbit is brought to you is HiPER. Basically, the best feature of this app is that it is an excellent and brilliant scientific calculator.

Furthermore, this app just works best for collagen school going students. This is because of this age student space a lot of problem in doing maths. Also, this is a free version that features 10 digits along with 3 exponential digits. However, it also brings the premium version.

Further, these premium versions and play increase this to 100 regular digits and six more exponential digits. Thereby making at 9:00 exponential digits.

Not only this, but there are other features as well. Moreover, these features include conversion among 200 units. The complex numbers and even the support for fractions! Also, this app brings with itself a lot more other features. Even, HiPER is the best on an overall basis. The premium version is also just $3.49. However, this amount is simply affordable for all these fantastic features.

<3.> Khan Academy

Best Math Apps - Khan Academy

Now, this is one name which most of us have heard of. Further, Khan Academy is more of traditional math. Also, this is the app which lets you review and relearn math. Even, all this is done in a course like an environment.

Khan Academy brings about 10000 videos, 40000 questions antonyms of different types of mathematical problems. From statistics to trigonometry, calculus to basic algebra, pre-algebra to arithmetic, this app covers each aspect and doesn’t leave anything.

Also, you would really be amazed to learn that all these difficult subjects are of no cost! Yes, you read that absolutely right. Furthermore, all these topics will be covered for free now as well as forever. Therefore, this is the only thing that you go to play store and download this amazing app to avail the benefit.

<4.> Lecture Notes

Best Math Apps - LectureNotes

Generally, this is one of the most famous note-taking apps. Also, this has been specially designed for mobile users. Further, it is designed by keeping the education fact in mind. Moreover, this is the app that provides you with the facility to take notes, draw and write manually. Not only this but also allows you to record the teacher’s lecture and listen to it for further reference. Thereby, making it the perfect app. Usually, demand will be it is very beneficial for mathematics student.

Also, some other features include OneNote and EverNote, indexing and organization features. Even, you can record the video. Though, some of the features require additional plugins. Further, you may have to pay some amount for this plugin. However, the amount that is necessary is just justifiable since the app possesses so many amazing features.

<5.> MyScript Calculator

Best Math Apps - MyScript

Here, this is a special kind of app which makes it unique and its own way. Basically, this is a kind of app which lets you write the equations in the app. Next, the app makes the conversion of the equation to text and solves it. Along with, it supports all those basic operators — further, the bits of trigonometry, inverse trigonometry, and logarithms.

Moreover, this app suits best for those who are as of now in Middle School, High School formerly college for that matter.

Also, there exists a feature in this app, which makes it unique in its way. Also, it is the most entertaining app. Moreover, this is the best one for visual representation and homework as well. Also, this is something which is more than actual learning. At the same time, you can avail all these amazing knowledge for free of cost. Therefore, all those people who want a visual teaching pattern must opt for this.

<6.> PhotoMath

Best Math Apps - PhotoMath

Generally, it is a decent math app which has camera functionality. Therefore, here you get the facility to take a picture of the problem that you are facing on your paper. Also, it helps in providing the step by step instruction to solve every problem. As a result, the person gets all the possible solutions for every kind of problem.

Furthermore, this situation or circumstances happens because of the step by step process or procedure. At the same time, the app also provides the facility of supporting graphs. Thereby, this is one of the main advantages of this app. However, at the same time, it doesn’t replace the standard graphing calculator. Also, there are no charges on app purchases.

<7.> Socratic

Usually, Socratic is one of the new math apps. Generally, it is covering a variety of subjects. After that, it also works a lot just like Photomath. Afterward, all you have to do is just take a picture of the problem you are stuck in. Ultimately, this app just provides you with the result and all sort of explanations required.

Now, in this app, the question that you face problem in is provided. Afterward, you get the step by step or procedure wise solution. Also, there is the inclusion of Radium in some of the cases. However, no matter how complex the problem is, the app provides the solution. And, there are no charges applied to this app.

<8.> Wabbitemu

Basically, this app is an emulator for all the existing graphing calculations. However, this app provides support to a ton of them. Also, there is the inclusion of the TI-73 and even nine calculated from the TI-80 series.

Generally, here you procure a ROM (Read Only Memory) of that calculator which you are looking for. Followed by, you loaded with the emulator. After that, it feels apps and also functions like a real TI graphic calculator.

Although, it is a little bit hardcore. However, it is a great way to keep the phone on you instead of keeping the calculator. Usually, it facilitates working with third-party apps and plugins for TI calculators. Generally, it is free with advertising and is also free of cost to go with.

<9.> Wolfram Math Apps

Basically, this has a Banker, a group of decent math apps. However, the first app that is to be checked is WolframAlpha. Thereafter, this contains all kind of database which is related to maths results, help required and every kind of explanations along with other needed information. The sea map covers each and every aspect that can be thought of.

Afterward, it includes even more complex stuff. These complex stuff include discrete math, statistics, number theory, physics, chemistry and many more. Also, the app features other course style apps for a variety of math. Further, this includes linear algebra, discrete math, etc. This app (at most) is available at $4.99.

<10.> YouTube

Now, I don’t think that I need to give any special introduction to YouTube.  Today’s generation has a complete knowledge of YouTube. It is the finest of all for everything and everyone. Further, this makes it one of the best math apps. Moreover, you will find different types of content creators the deal with math on YouTube.

Also, there is the inclusion of straight lessons along with the associated explanations. After that, it has number theory, practical uses and some of the math fun facts.

However, it also facilitates some maths related channels. For instance, Numberphile and Mythologer. Moreover, these two are very popular as well as entertaining. Thereby, both of these channels are probably the best ones to deal with your problems. Also, YouTube is completely free of cost as we all know about it. Although, it allows the offline play for $9.99 per month.


Therefore, now I guess that maths will no longer be the most horrible, terrible and atrocious subject. Instead, now I think that maths for you will be the most pleasuring and fun loving subject. All the math apps provided above provide the best solutions ever. Usually, these math apps offer all types and all kinds of steps and explanations that is required for solving a problem.

Therefore, now all your math problems are sorted out. Because as soon as you get a problem, all the above math apps are right there with you through thick and thin which you with all kinds of solutions.

Thank you for reading. I hope it helped you.