Top 10 Best Learning Apps for Both Android & iOS – 2019 Updated

In this fast and competitive world, every student strives really hard to survive. In this technologically advanced era, online learning and education system is gaining popularity. It is a platform where personalized and formalized teaching and learning services are rendered to the students, people approaching for jobs, or the people who are preparing for some professional courses, through electronic media with the internet access.

Online learning has opened the doors of education to the young minds and to those people who cannot come to the seats of education, in a very different and dynamic way. It is now appropriate to say that education is no longer confined within the four walls of a classroom.

Following are some apps which have redefined the meaning of education:


<1.> Amazon Kindle

Best Learning Apps -Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle, the app which brings millions of books to your fingertips .through this app one can avail access to thousands of books of various genres that to free of cost.

Kindle is packed with amazing features which includes built-up dictionary which we can explore while reading eBooks. Syncing your ebooks allows you to carry on reading the book from where you have left on other devices as well.

The readers can customize their reading experience by modifying font size, orientation screen brightness or background color. The readers can even borrow the books from the library from the Kindle app. Students can also enjoy highlighted passages and notes.

<2.> Coursera

Best Learning Apps - Coursera

With one of the largest subject database, Coursera is one of the most emerging and prominent educational platforms. Coursera has a cross-platform feature enabling students to use the app on devices besides Android OS.

Scholars and instructors teach every subject and course on Coursera from the world’s best educational universities. Coursera provides the students’ video lectures, auto-graded and peer-reviewed assignments. Coursera also awards the students with the online certificate after the completion of a specific course.

Students involved with this app can also acquire special career skill by joining its specialization model and can earn a specialization certificate. This app also offers an online degree in programs like business, computer science, and data science.

<3.> Duolingo

Best Learning Apps - Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the best apps for learning different languages. It is a must-have app for the people drawn towards learning various languages and develop foreign language skills. In this app, each lesson and course includes a variety of speaking, listening, translation and multiple choice challenges.

Doulingo motivates its learners to keep a proper track record on how many days in a row they have spent learning a particular language. Duolingo has a concept of hearts, which keeps the ongoing lessons alive. You lose them when you answer incorrectly, and if you’re out of the hearts, you have to start all over again. This app is ad-free and is available free on android and IOS.

<4.> Khan Academy

Best Math Apps - Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an application which offers courses of various ranges of subjects. It lays strong emphasis on diagrams, visual aids and provides more than 4500 video lessons on subjects including math, science, economics, humanities, history, and civics.

This app also offers the feature of downloading which enables the students to go through the lessons after downloading them for future reference or if they run out of the internet connection. One of the major reasons for the popularity of this app is that it provides free of cost learning facility .the app also received 5 star EAS Certification and Recommended status.

<5.> Linkedin Learning

Best Learning Apps - Linkedin Learning

LinkedIn learning is newly launched learning app which provides various courses related to business studies and similar aspects. The app also offers a range of tech and creative skills allied assignments and courses with personalized recommendations taught and explained by the industry experts and prominent leaders.

Inbuilt analytics keeps its learners to get regularly informed with their progress. Linkedin Learning app also allows its members to download the material in pdf form or in other related documents. The app follows the one-month free trial policy. The app also gives the freedom to its members to add their own content via links. Thus all things considered this app is worth a shot.

<6.> PhotoMath

Best Learning Apps -PhotoMath

Math can be a daunting task when one doesn’t have the right support and proper learning process. The name says it all. This app focuses on solving the math problems of the students. The app helps the students to solve their mathematical questions and queries straight away by using the camera of the phone.

The app then responds to the question by providing step by step solution. One can even choose multiple explanation methods for some problem. Photomath also offers expertly animated calculation steps. Photomath also has the features of smart calculator and graphs to visualize math problems. It is in an ultimate educational tool, and the core of the app is free to download.

<7.> SoloLearn

Founded by YevaHusyan and Davit Kocharyan, Sololearn is an educational app geared towards adults that allows them to learn coding skills in various languages and the app includes JavaScript, Java, C++, Python, HTML, and SQL. SoloLearn and community contributors create the learning content.

The app also offers a free set of coding lessons to those who are not in favor of financial investment. The app can be availed for free of cost. Solo learn app was awarded the Grand Prize at the Facebook FBSTART APPS OF THE YEAR AWARD.The app is best for people who are beginners in programming.

<8.> Udemy

Udemy is an online learning platform which provides professional courses and studies material like Java and Python taught by expert instructors. The people engaged with this app. can discover and explore more than 2000 topics from data science to marketing and business. Udemy offers both free and paid courses.

The name says it all. This app focuses on solving the math problems of the students. Udemy also provides the facility of downloading the study material. The students can personalize and customize their learning experience with speed controls and closed captioning. The students can also enjoy the facility of listening and learning through audio-only mode.

<9.> Wolfram Aplha

Wolfram Alpha, an online learning platform or we can say computational knowledge answer engine, created and developed by Wolfram Alpha LLC. It is a standard tool which provides a range of problem-solving services and methods. Wolfram Alpha provides full-bodied results based on computational facts.

The app provides answers to the questions proficiently and without draining the battery power of the device. The app is specially planned for Android devices with the support of graphically designed charts and math keyboard with voice input. No doubt, Wolfram Alpha is no doubt an indispensable tool for every age group.

<10.> YouTube

YouTube is one of the most used, high flying and prominent app in the digital world. The app allows people to access millions of videos anytime and anywhere. Going through the videos on YouTube offers the people to build a certain e-community where every person can comment, contribute and share their opinion and viewpoints.

YouTube provides the facility of enhancing skills like note-taking by viewing, rewinding, replaying and downloading. YouTube helps people to understand even the multifaceted and complex matter, and concepts .with the proper demonstration and step by step video helps the learners to acquire and retain knowledge. Thus YouTube is one of the best and costs useful apps which can augment and enhance the learning process.

Final Words

Online education has thus brought a very constructive positive impact in the digital world as well as the lives of students and professionals. It has undoubtedly improved the quality of education by opening its door in every dimension and providing effortlessness services to young minds.

In this era of globalization and digitalization, online learning offers flexibility and more superior quality of study material. Thus, online education is more likely to gain popularity in the upcoming era of young generations and young minds.