5 Best Free Online Interior Design Software and Tools

Ever since technology ate up more than 70% of all our quotidian chores and activities we are conveniently driven more and more towards technological applications in maintaining our own domestic tasks with commitment. Basically the same happens with Interior Design Software too. How to logically design a semi dome shaped window for a triangular roof structure? Why are all those corners and doors in tandem with the overall structure of our house? We naturally fail to contemplate upon those facts just because they all fall in place.

Best Interior Design Software

How wonderful! Thanks to CAD (Computer aided design) software which profitably helps professional interior designers to create 2 dimensional and 3 Dimensional models of physical components and to technically explain them to the builders. So here comes the list of top 5 best interior design software tools which are usually preferred by interior designers worldwide.

<1.> Autodesk – AutoCAD

This one may be coined as the primary available software for interior designing. This is CAD and drafting software application developed and marketed by Autodesk.

Developed in 1982, it was a desktop app running in various microcomputers but since 2010, it is available as a mobile, web and cloud based app with its new released name ‘AutoCAD 360.’ The main advantage of AutoCAD is that the files can be saved on any storage media. Unlike the paper drawings this requires very less physical protection and space hence serves as a readily available piece of information. AutoCAD also enables precise and accurate acquisition of physical measurements to any number of decimal points which again is not possible through physical drawing.

<2.> SketchUp

This is one of the most famous and widely used 3D modeling software tool all over the world. It is owned by Trimble Inc. a mapping and navigation Equipment Company. The programming uses the “push and pull” method to extrude flat surfaces into 3D shapes. This as per the developers it is designed to behave as an extension of our arms. This is basically used as a common tool for architectural rendering.

The most common advantage that users say is that the sketchUp is easy to learn and to use. It also allows rendering surfaces in many forms of “styles”. Hence it provides the liberty to choose from a variety of options that best suits our design. This also gives the option of placing the model within “Google- Earth” thus giving an idea about the actual size. But one of the disadvantages is that it can provide only a limited number of designs and the user should stay within the boundaries of these designs rather than trying to customize it according to the designer’s opinion. This software is available two versions, SketchUp make (unpaid freeware version) and SketchUp Pro (paid version)

<3.> Autodesk 3Ds Max

Which is the most common software? The answer would definitely be Autodesk 3Ds Max. This is widely used by both students and professionals since this software has flexible plugin architecture and could be used on Microsoft Windows platform. It uses the famous polygon modeling to create 3D models with high accuracy. It provides excellent tools for rendering and simulating which usually take up a lot of time in other software tools.

The most common advantage of this software is that this has made enhancement in digital visualization. Another feature is “prospective matching” which allows the users in fitting the models within a still- frame photographic background. “Vector map support” is also another feature which loads the vector mappings as texture maps at dynamic resolutions. But two of the main disadvantages is that it does not contain effective UV mapping and It is not a cross- platform software.

<4.> Lumion

This is easy- to-use effective architectural visualization software which produces believable renders. This software is mainly used by students since it produce high quality still pictures and models which are easy to import. Lumion is preferably used in interior designing both to give random drawing and perfect angular moods and light conditions. This is also used to create elevating renders.

One of the greatest advantages of Lumion is its learning curve. It is easily available and can be used and learned by anybody at large. This opens up a lot of possibilities rather than always relying upon a visual expert team. Lumion can make anybody an interior designer.

<5.> ArchiCAD

This one is used in both Macintosh and windows, originally developed in 1982 embodying the “virtual building” concept. It is widely regarded as the first revolutionary commercial BIM product for personal computers. This works with the users by producing data-enhanced parametric products often termed “smart-objects”.

One of the greatest advantages of ArchiCAD is that it is multi- threaded and has a friendlier user interface. It has a well developed support of IFC and layout approach. But one of the problems that users commonly face is that the extensions are not fully developed or has a less used API.

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The above mentioned interior design software there are many other programs like Autodesk Revit, Live interior 3D or 3D home planner which are easily available and are also commonly used. One should learn about both advantages and disadvantages of the software before deciding upon which one to choose. Choose wisely and Happy designing!