How To Write A Resume in 2019 – A Best Guide for Beginner

The world today runs on professional ethics and rules. For everything you want, you need to be a master at it. When you are applying for a job, you should make an impact on your job application. The main components of a job application include a professional cover letter and, a complimenting resume. In this article, we are going to tell you how to write a resume for your job application.

What Is A Resume?

A Resume is a brief summary of your personal, educational and, professional experiences used for a job application. A major part of the population also calls it CV, but there is a minor difference between a CV and a Resume.

Note: The main difference between a CV and a Resume is the amount of detail. A resume is selective to the type of job and is concise in nature. On the contrary, a CV includes your entire professional history along with your educational background.

How To Write A Resume?

A resume plays a very important role in setting you apart from the crowd. You can have a lucrative CV and the chances of your getting hired increases. We will now tell you the best techniques to write a resume.

>1. Decide The Format of Resume

It is the first and most important point to remember in the guide of How to write a resume. A resume can be presented in 3 formats- Chronological, Functional and, Functional. However, the three different types of format are used as per the condition and, the requirement of the job. Each format has its own advantage and, disadvantage. You can read about all the formats in the proceeding section.

>2. Chronological

Firstly, this is the traditional format for writing a Resume and, you will come across this format many times. This is generally used as it is flexible and, can be used by anyone with any level of experience. However, the main agenda of chronological format is its focus on career progression.

>3. Functional

Secondly, while Chronological format centres on career progression, the functional format lays emphasis on your skills and, abilities. Experts mainly use the functional format as it concentrates mainly on skills, abilities and, areas of expertise.

>4. Combinational

Last but not the least, Combination is an important point in the this How To Write A Resume guide. The format is justified by its name as it has bits of both the type of formats. In the body, a part of the chronological format is mixed with the functional format that makes it a complete combinational format. This format is mainly for those who have a great deal of experience in any industry or genre.

Presenting Your Details

After deciding the type of format, you now need to select the information to put into your resume. It is important to decide what information to put into your resume depending upon the type of format you have chosen.

>1. Contact Information

It includes all the necessary contact details. However, you should always try to include all the working emails and, phone numbers.

>2. Introduction

This is the first thing that the employer will read when it gets to their hand. You need to make it as impressive as you can.

>3. Professional Experience

This section is the core of your resume. No matter what type of format you choose, this section of your resume should be as lucrative as it can be. However, try to inculcate the type of skills and experience that are relevant to the job you are applying for.

>4. Education

Then comes the education, which will make a strong impact of the foundation of your knowledge and expertise. Try to inculcate the best details of your high school and the college you have been to.

>5. Additional Sections

Lastly, after adding all the main components of your resume, you can add hinges and screws to it. However, an employer will always see what extra do you have and what sets you apart. Try to add all the necessary awards, achievements, training and, skills that are relevant to the job.

Styling Your Resume

Lastly after deciding the format and information of the resume you need to style it so that it seems pleasing. You can also have many templates downloaded from the internet and customize it according to your need.


Hope you liked the guide How To Write A Resume!!! A strong and handsome resume can surely help you get your dream job. You just need to make it a perfect combination of format, and style. Try to induce every possible thing that you have done related to the job and it will work automatically.