How To Write A Letter in 5 Simple Ways – Formal & Informal Method

One of the most common methods of communication in the professional genre is by the means of a letter. Any field that works within a professional framework and needs some or other kind of ethics involves the use of formal writing. You may be able to write but, when it comes to formal writing, there is much more to discover. Before diving into the How To Write A Letter guide, see why letters are so important.

In the early times, letters were an important part of communication for economic, diplomatic and patriotic issues. As the technology advanced and, newer means of communication spread across the world, the use of letters decreased. But, till now they play a very important role informal communication. In this article, we will tell you How To Write A Letter.

Letters are used for a variety of purposes. The most important ones include business correspondence, job applications and, proposals. Letters also include communication between people in an informal way. Hence, letters are mainly categorized into two types: Formal and Informal. Therefore, we will now tell you the ways in which you can write a perfect letter.

How To Write A Latter

How to Write A Letter in Formal Style

A formal letter is a written message to another that contains a subject of concern. It may be a job application, a proposal for a product, or a formal correspondence. A formal letter needs to concise and to the point. Knowing How to Write A Letter in Formal Style is an essential skill so here are several points for you.

>1. Addresser Details

At the onset, write your address at the top left side of the page. You may include all the necessary details in your address.

>2. Date

After writing the addresser’s details you should write the date below it. Choose a standard date format and write it.

>3. Addressee Details

Then, the details of the addressee’s detail take their place on the letter. These come under the date and are written as mentioned by the organization or the one whom you are addressing your letter.

>4. Salutation

After the details of the addresser, date and, the addressee select a suitable salutation for your letter. A variety of salutations can be used for a variety of purposes.

>5. Main Body

Finally comes the main body of the letter where you write the matter of concern. The main part of the letter is this only and, you need to be very specific and concise to your point. You should always divide the main body into three paragraphs. Firstly, the introductory paragraph followed by the main paragraph that includes the matter of concern. At last, the concluding paragraph.

After writing all the content as mentioned above choose a nice complimentary close and end your letter. This concludes your letter and gives your letter a perfect ending.

How to Write A Letter in Informal Style

An informal letter is a communication means between people who are not professionally connected. You may write an informal letter to your mother, father or an acquaintance. At the onset, you need to decide how formal your letter needs to be.

>1. Initial Salutation

Firstly, while writing an informal letter you need to write a salutation that depends on your relationship with the recipient.

>2. Body of The Letter

After writing the salutation you come to the main body of the letter where you write the message you want to convey to the recipient. You can start the letter with a question on the recipient’s well-being. After that, you may write all that you want to convey or ask. Everything that needs to be conveyed to the recipient comes under this part of the letter.

>3. Ending

Lastly, after all, that you need to convey is written in the main context of the letter you end the letter. You can use an adjective or word that reflects your relationship with the recipient.


So, we hope this guide about How To Write A Letter will help you. Hence, both the type of letters that you need to learn as a part of communication are explained in the article. Both the type of letters- formal and informal are useful in their own purposes.

You should always use a formal letter when the communication is between someone that involves your professional life. Try to be specific and to the point in a formal letter. An informal letter is just a write up to your loved ones.