How To Write A Conclusion for an Article in 3 Ways

A conclusion is basically the summary of the article. To leave a lasting impression of your content on the readers, you need to make a very good conclusion. The most impressive conclusions are the ones which leave the readers with a question or the ones which make the readers tickle their minds and, think about it.

There are a variety of reason why the conclusions of most of the articles are just a summary of the entire article. You never repeat the content, you just tell your points straight forward. Hence, we will learn the ways How To Write A Conclusion that will compel the readers to tickle their minds.

How To Write A Conclusion

Drafting the conclusion for an article is very easy and at the same time very difficult. You just need to find the minor line between them. In the proceeding sections, we will tell you the ways to draft a perfect conclusion.

>1. Opening The Conclusion

At the onset, you need to understand that you are not adding new points to your article. You are only summarising your points in the article. Never use the words like ‘Concluding my point…’ Or ‘The conclusion comes out to…’.

Always try to use the shreds of evidence from your article to conclude your article and be specific at the stronger points and agendas. Avoid reciting your thesis word-by-word. You need to focus on your main points and tell how do you present them in the article.

>2. Summarize Your Strongest Points

After that, you have started your conclusion and now you want to end all the points that you have mentioned in the article. You do not want to recite the article again but you want to end all the sentences. Try to summarize all the main points in the article and try to make it the end of all your views.

You should be clear about the strong and main points that you have mentioned in the article so that you can end them in the best manner. The reader will only be interested in your writings only if the content leaves him questioned. So try to carve out your conclusion very smartly.

>3. A Lasting Impression

Lastly, you need to end your writing in a manner that will compel the reader to tickle their minds. The main idea is to let the reader think about the article well after many time after the article is finished. You can ask a provocative question that will make them think as to what you have written matters to them. Express the main motives and let them also think about them.

Hence, keeping in mind the above-mentioned article you will be able to write a perfect conclusion.


The conclusion of your article must be something that leaves an impression on the readers. You can ask a provocative question or ask something that makes them think about the subject of the article. Always try to leave a lasting impression on the readers.

Summarize your main points and never recite the entire article word-by-word. Give the perfect ending to the main points and let the reader decide about the content.