How to Write a Check – A Step by Step Guide for Beginners

How to Write a Check is an easy task when you know how to do it. In the world where digital transactions are in trend, paper checks still continue to be an asset for those who like to keep it the banker’s way. Paper checks are an inexpensive and effective way to manage the flow of money in an economy. There might be many ways to transact the different sources of income, but paper checks keep it strong and secure.

There are many people who would not have written a single check still now or might have done it for once. You should remember a few aspects which are to be kept in mind while writing a check. A simple mistake while writing a check can compel you to write another one and waste your chequebook. In this article, we will tell you How to Write a Check even the simplest of details that you should be careful about while writing a check, So that you get your money hands on.

How to Write a Check

How to Write a Check – A Step-by-Step Explanation

There are numerous banks that give a checkbook and you can use it whenever you require. The difference comes when the bank asks you details while filling up the checkbook. In general, the details asked is the same but, it may differ in some cases.

Now let us understand all the steps to fill the check.

>1. Current Date

First of all, you need to know the date. The day on which you are writing the check should be very correctly mentioned on the check.

Most of the checks contain the date section on the upper right corner and you can easily recognize it. Just fill in the date in the manner specified in the check and you are ready to go.

Many times you can postdate the check, that is you can use the check after the date that you have mentioned in the check. But there are certain regulations that you must comply for it. The maximum time that you can postdate a check is 3 months mostly.

>2. Payee

After writing the date, comers the payee section. In the check, you can easily find a line that says, ‘pay to the order of’.

This section contains the name of the organization or person you need the check out too. You need to mention the name of the exact person or organization to which you want to pay the money.

You should always have a strong impression and knowledge about the person or organization you are referring the check to.

>3. Numeric Amount

After completing the above two steps, we now come to fill the amount that we wish to pay to the payee.

The amount in numeric form is to be filled in the box provided at the bottom right side of the check. For writing the amount in numeric form always keep in mind to write the number as complete as possible in the box.

To prevent fraudulent and mischief many tricks and details are to be followed.

>4. Amount in Words

Next comes the writing of the amount in words.

There are many ways to manipulate the amount in numeric form, so it was devised to write the amount in words. The amount written in words can never be manipulated and hence it can be secured from fraudulent. The amount that is written in words is legally the amount that you wish to pay to the payee. To write the amount in words prefer, all capital letters, for clarity.

>4. Signature

At last, the most important step, that decides the validation of the check. You need to sign the check with the same details as you have done it in your bank. Any mismatch in the signatures can lead to the cancellation of the check.

Sign at the bottom right corner and your check is complete.

Now that you are familiar with all the details and points that you might keep in mind while writing a check, you are ready to go. But, there are some epilogue and prologue scenes for a check too.

Epilogue Scenes For A Check

Before reading this How to Write a Check guide, make sure that you want to do it. Writing check is not always feasible and may be cumbersome. There are many ways by which you can avoid writing check and save your time. You should set up automatic payments for regular payments. This way you will be able to maintain all of your expenses at a single place. No matter which method you use to pay your bills, you should always have sufficient funds in your account so that the check does not bounce.

Prologue Scenes for a Check

After you write the check, make a record of the payment. A check register is an ideal place to do this, whether you use an electronic or paper register. Recording the payment prevents you from spending the money twice—the funds will still show as available in your account until after the check is deposited or cashed, and that could take a while. It’s best to make a note of the payment while it’s fresh in your mind.


In this How to Write a Check guide, the steps of writing a check are clearly mentioned. You can follow the simple steps and get yourself a check written even if you have not done it even once in your life. Checks are not always the best method for the transaction.

It has other alternatives that are more significant and better. Also to counter the various fraudulent methods that are widespread these days, checks are a vulnerability. Hence, follow the best steps that are mentioned in the How to Write a Check guide and get the money flow the best way possible.