How To Use Airdrop in Any iOS Device

How To Use Airdrop: In this world of technology, we all gazing up for easy tactics to do our work. As the time passes our technology-enhanced and appeared to be more convenient than before. Previously people had to use cables that are not graceful to transfers the files or to use.

How To Use Airdrop

Nowadays we have an eminent wireless sharing technology like Apple airdrop which is easy to use this feature allow you to transfer files wireless between apple devices iOS and MacOS. Through airdrop, we can share or receive photos, videos, locations, websites and more only when the receiver is nearby.

As you know, airdrop used in transferring files between iPhone, iPad and Mac for using it Bluetooth and WiFi should be turned on and you must be signed in to your iCloud account. The two devices should be in the range of one another only than the transfer will be successful.

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How Does Airdrop Work?

Airdrop gives a speedy and protected way to transfer data between Apple devices after creating a P2P (peer-to-peer) WiFi connection.

It is not that necessary to be stay side by the sending device, you can transfer even if the device is a couple of rooms away. You’ll probably still be able to airdrop them files. When you airdrop the material to the other they get the notification to accept or decline whatever you’ve sent.

Which Devices Work With Airdrop?

Airdrop initially available in OS X Lion (10.7) for mac to mac transfers. Later airdrop is available for mobile devices too iOS 7 is available in mobile phones for iPhone to iPhone transfer.

Airdrop is less used features used by the peoples but it is a great feature for Apple users. Airdrop in iOS device, according to the Apple website, only a few mobile devices can properly use airdrop

  • iPhone 5 or later.
  • iPad (4th Generation or Later).
  • iPad mini.
  • iPod touch (5th Generation or Later).

If you want to share or transfer files the devices should have iOS 7 or later and  have both WiFi and Bluetooth enabled.

Let’s know about how to turn on airdrop.

How To Use Airdrop on iOS

Open the control center by swiping up from the bottom of your iPhone or iPad. Apple slightly put some change in iOS 11 now to access the control center you need to swipe down from the upper right corner of the display this feature available in iPhone X.

Step 1 – Turn on the WiFi and Bluetooth

Step 2 – Turn on the airdrop

Step 3 – Now select receiving off, contacts only or everyone.For sure if you want to receive files you select contacts only or everyone.

Step 4 – To turn off, you would select receiving off.

If you only want to receive files from your contact, select contacts only. Or if you want to receive airdrops from anyone apart from your contact select everyone. (Even if you select every one you can choose the option between decline or accept). Now, decline or accept when someone sends you some data.

Method to airdrop photos and other files on iPhone and iPod

Step 1 – To share a picture, open the photo app

Step 2 – Select the picture you want to share

Step 3 – Then tap the share icon present in the lower left corner of the screen of your iPhone

Step 4 – Now you’ll see tap to share with airdrop. then below you receive devices that are available for airdropping.

Now the receiver gets the notification to chose between the decline or accepts the content.

How To Use Airdrop on MacOS

On Mac, you can it any data or file to other macs or iOS devices. To do so you simply have to open finder, select items you want to share, and transfer them through an airdrop. Here in detail:

Step 1 – Open the finder on your macs. (it appears like a blue and white face if you don’t know how it looks like)

Step 2 – Click on airdrop in the left side in the finder and then wait for all the receivers to pop up on the screen.

Step 3 – Select to enable airdrop for contacts only or everyone.

There are two different methods of using airdrop to transfer files from mac, the first is drag and drop, and the second one is to select and sends airdrop.

Drag and Drop Airdrop Features

Find out the content you want to share and select it. then drag and drop it to the device which you’ve chosen for sharing; you’ll see the device with gray highlights when you’ve dragged the chosen file close to that device.

It will be easier to drag and drop files if you open your closed or another website side by side with the finder on the same makes dragging and dropping easier. and if we select documents in the finder automatically the window of the airdrop will be closed.

Select and Send Airdrop Features

This method is more suitable for you and works best:

Step 1 – Open it in finder

Step 2 – Now select the photos videos or some other content whichever you want to share and highlight it.

Step 3 – Right click on the highlighted items you want to share to bring up the menu, then click share and select airdrop.

Step 4 – Nearby available devices appeared

Step 5 – Select the device to which you want to share data.

Step 6 – After airdropping the content the receiver gets the notification whether to decline or accept the content which is sent by someone.


That’s how you can use the best, fast and most convenient feature for sharing content it can handle a larger number of media and files. Enjoy!