12 Free and Best Google Apps of 2020 That You Should Use

There are many Android Apps that we use in our day to day lives. There are more than 100 Google apps that have been published on the Play Store and Apple Store. There are many best Google Apps that most of us do not know about.

Free and Best Google Apps

12 Free and Best Google Apps of 2020

So, here is a list of Best Google apps that would be beneficial for us in our day to day lives:

<1.> Weather

This is possibly the best weather application that is available on the Play Store. This Application features a simple and exciting design that helps us to look at the current weather and weather forecast for up to 12 weeks. This application also contains radar, which helps us to detect the upcoming storms, and, much other fun and exciting features. Therefore, this is the best application with minimal design.

<2.> Google Maps

This is the super cool application, which doesn’t even need an introduction. Google Maps is the leader of the mobile map Applications. This is the best-known application or GPS Space. There are many useful features of Google Maps, such as distance calculator while traveling by foot, two-wheeler, and four-wheeler. This application also helps us to see the traffic and the condition of the roads in the journey. There are additional features such as 3D Maps, Indoor Maps, and Street View Feature.

<3.> Google Chrome

This is the mobile internet browser that helps us to search Google for various things. This application has various features, such as multiple tabs, Incognito mode, desktop browsing, and mobile browsing.

<4.> Google Goggles

this is one of the most interesting applications by Google. Google Goggles is an Augmented Reality application. This application is the convenient phone-oriented reverse image search application that helps us to search for popular images. We can snap a photo, and the Google Goggles would help to search the application.

<5.> Snapseed

this is a photo editing application. This application has ample of features, and help us to edit both the JPG and DNG files. The most appealing thing about this application is that despite the features available, this application is entirely free of cost. For the less detail oriented photo editors, Snapseed has the features of the preset filters that help us to apply the features to the applications easily. This application is very similar to Photoshop, with almost similar features but comparatively easy to use.

<6> Google Now

Google Now is the new addition to the long list of the Top Rated Google Applications. This application provides the users with information of the things and features that matter the most to the individuals. This is done with the help of the card selection system that helps users to mark the card according to their needs and view information according to the marked cards.

<7.> Google Pay

Tez or Google pay is the payment application developed by Google. This application helps us to send money to our friends, pay bills, and also helps in online shopping. This is the essential Google application used in 2019. This application is specially developed for people in India to help them to make payments easily.

<8.> Google Express

This application is designed in line with applications such as Amazon Prime and Postmates. This is practically an instant home in the delivery application. This application helps the users to shop through a variety of stores such as Costco, Target, Toys R Us, and Whole Foods. This application has high delivery rates in comparison to other applications. In some of the high functional areas, this application offers the same day delivery, but in some distant areas, the delivery takes about 2-3 days. This application is certainly in competition with Amazon Prime.

<9.> Google Trips

This application is very useful for people who love traveling. This application helps to choose from various travel-friendly options, available in the single application. This application digs through the Gmail account of the user, to get through the reservations and the confirmation emails, and then presents many insider tips for the place you are visiting, and provides additional information about the same. This application makes up a list of the places to visit, things to do, and places to eat and drink.

<10.> Google Local

This application helps us to locate nearby places. People can search about the required place on the Application by the use of the highly rated application that is the Zagat system.

<11.> Files App

This is a new application from Google. This application is the modification of the Files Go. Files Go was launched for the low Storage Smartphones, with less than 1 GB RAM, but after the immense popularity of the Files Go Application, Google launched the standalone file manager application, Files App. This application not only helps to access the local storage but also helps to clear the junk files to free up the storage and share the files offline with the Files users. This also helps to back up the file data on the cloud.

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<12.> Google Voice Assistant

This application is very favoured by android mobile users. This is an application that is very similar to the Apple SIRI. This is the voice recognition application that helps us to use Google Search, set reminders, make calls, and send messages and various other features.