Free Resume Builder Apps with Complete Resume Format Guide

Everyone wants that they should get the best job whenever they apply for any post. You want to put your best feet forward when you apply for a job. So, for applying for a job the one most important thing you must have is Free Resume Builder Apps which can make a good resume. You should always choose an application with latest and unique Resume Formats. Resume is a document which gives an information about your educational qualifications, weakness, strengths, work experience etc.

7 Free Resume Builder Apps Loaded with Resume Formats

Resume is something which gives a description about you and plays an important role in your selection for the job. It should be eye- catching and very informative. Better your resume, higher are the chances are for you to get selected for the job. So there are some apps which would help you to build resume in a better way.

Application NamePaid/FreeOS
Visual CVPaidiOS/Windows/Android
Cake ResumePaidiOS/Windows/Android
CV EngineerPaidiOS/Windows/Android
Google SlidesFreeiOS/Android
Microsoft WordPaidWindows/Android

1. Canva

You can use this app for all kind of project work, not only for the resume. It gives a great look to your resume and makes it attractive and eye-catching. This app can be used to give a maximum visual impact to your work. You will be surprised to see the creativity which comes out of your mind while working on the app. The process of making resume on this app is very easy and less time consuming. Canva provides you some of the best Resume Formats you will ever see.

Canva - Resume Builder Apps

We would suggest you to use this app before choosing any other app. Once you have created the design Canva app will offer number of templates from where you can choose the best template for your resume. Once you have selected the most suitable template you can easily add shapes, images, and different background colors.

This app works well on both iOS and Android. You can download this app for free and also buy a premium subscription that provides more export options.

2. Visual CV – Online CV Builder & Professional Resume Maker

Basically, visual CV is what-you-see-is-what-you-get-interface. It means that this app will help your document look as good as possible. It is very less time consuming and you can complete building your curriculum vitae in just few minutes.

Visual CV - Resume Builder Apps

You can start preparing your document on a blank page and then go on adding images, shapes as well as background colors to your work. When you are finally satisfied with appearance of your resume you can save to PDF or any other format and then upload it on web. This web app goes very conveniently with your web browser. Visual  CV is quite popular for its creative Resume Formats.

One can go for free trial of this app and if you like then you can get a $12 per month pro subscription

3. Cake Resume

This app is very useful for those people who have to communicate with large number of is very easy to use this app and you can get many templates with many features. When you start working on this app it asks you about your area specialization and what type of documents you are looking for.

CakeResume - Resume Builder Apps

It will use this information to build your CV. Then you can proceed with the process of adding images, elements and background colors. Now you can link your work on social media channels or any other website. After the completion of work, you can save it as a PDF.

You can go for the subscription of $8 per month and get more advanced layout options. One can upgrade the subscription amount from $8 to $16 per month.

4. CV Engineer

For those who want to do the resume building on the phone they can use the option of CV engineer. However, the layouts are not very much attractive or advanced but you can give a better look to your resume. Before using this resume you have to fill various sections which include your skills, areas of interests, education and much more. Once you have given all the information to the app it will combine all the information and save the document to your google drive document as an email attachment.

In CV engineer app you can tip the developer $2.50 or more than that. However, building your resume on the mobile apps will demand some type of tip for the developer.


It is really simple and easy to work on this app. You just need to select the design of the template which can vary from reserved to colorful, then add your details to it. You can also give your own headings and rearrange the different sections or even remove some sections which do not find appropriate. This app has an additional feature where your information can be automatically uploaded to the LinkedIn. Once you have finished the work share it online or keep it saved for future use. - Resume Builder Apps

But you to know that once you have selected the template you have no control over the fonts, colour etc. if one wants to make it more advanced and attractive you can look for any other app. However, this app is completely free and fast at working.

6. Google Slides

This app gives you free control over your resume and share it on social media platform. You have to options while working on this app: either combine all the shapes and images in one slide on a single page or use several slides to display the educational qualifications, personal information etc. Google Slides allows you to add animations to your slides and make it more attractive. You can upload your work on web and even send your work to various recruiters. You can also save the document in PDF form.

Google Slides - Best Resume Builder

It is quite a lengthy process but it will make your resume look very different from others.

This app is available for free. It is compatible with both iOS as well as the Android.

7. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word claims to be one of the most advanced Resume Builder Apps on the App Store. One can easily avoid using Microsoft word but it is very useful at times when you need to urgently create the resume. However, it has limited number of templates and layout options but you can still find vary good templates through which you can create appropriate resume.

Free Resume Builder Apps

You can make several adjustments in your resume by adding text, fonts, shapes, images etc. You can also get free versions of Microsoft apps on the mobile also. So, this makes your work easier and convenient. But if you want to have all the templates then go for the desktop version which will cost you around $70 a year or onetime payment of $150 also.

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Summing Up

So, these were some of the Free Resume Builder Apps which would help the reader to create an eye-catching and attractive resume. Choose the most appropriate resume as per your preferences and compatibility of your device.

Note: Always provide correct and true information about yourselves in resume. It would help you in building trust and a good image in front of others.