Best Flowchart Software and Diagramming Tools of 2019

A flowchart is a kind of diagram which makes any content easier, to the point and more specific. The 21st century should be thankful for the invention of the computer. There was a time when a flowchart used to be drawn on a paper, and it took a lot of time. Thankfully, nowadays, Flowchart Software helps us to make flowcharts in a brief period. Let’s check out some of the best flowchart software.

Best Flowchart Software of 2019

6 Qualities Every Flowchart Software Should Have

The Flowchart Software should have some specific qualities to get placed on the list of top rated flowchart software. Some of these qualities are written below.

<1.> Clean User Interface

It should have a nice and clean user interface so that a user can use it very easily in a hurry. Also, it will be helpful for a novice.

<2.> Different Types of Templates

It should contain different types of templates so that the user can make the flowchart in a short time.

<3.> Different Shapes

It should contain various geometric patterns like ovals, rounds, triangles, etc. to make the flowchart more attractive and more to the point.

<4.> User-Friendly Tools

It should have user-friendly tools like grids, some special inbuilt features to arrange the diagram in a tidy way.

<5.> Free Trial Facility

It should have a free trial facility in order to know whether it is suitable for the user or not.

<6.> Collaboration facility

Good flow chart software should have the ability to collaborate with other users.

Top-Rated Flowchart Software of 2019

Now, here is a list of some top rated flowchart software.

<1.> Microsoft Visio

Microsoft is a popular software for everyone. Microsoft Visio is a part of the Microsoft Office group. This software creates professional diagrams like floor planning, engineering designs, etc. This is associated with office 365. It provides three types. Visio online, Visio Standard and Visio Professional. User can work from anywhere by using Visio online. This software contains a wide range of modern templates and shapes.

It provides both online and windows application. It has the ability to sort flowcharts automatically. Visio is best suitable for professionals. The biggest con is the price of this software. It has an online plan which is $5 per user per month, and the other online plan is for $14.96 per user per month. Visio Professional is available for $768. Visio Standard is available for $410.

<2.> Gliffy Diagram

This is user-friendly software. Anyone who is a novice can learn it very easily. This software is web-based. This particular software is associated with JIRA software. Those who are familiar with JIRA can easily handle this software. Gliffy diagram is suitable for all types of companies.

Also, gliffy can easily collaborate with others. It is effective for making flow charts, Venn diagrams, etc. Gliffy offers a 14-day free trial. User can easily share the links of personal creations on social media. Here are the pricing plans. If anyone wants to use it personally, it will cost $7.99 per month. If it is used by a team, then it will cost $4.99 per user per month.

<3.> Cacoo

This software is cloud-based. The most important feature is that this software has a wide range of templates.  User can make simple Bar chart, Pie chart, or a Venn diagram by using a simple chart function.It has the facility of multi-user editing.

Also, cacoo offers to import of images and screenshots. This software is suitable for both teams and individuals. Also, it helps students and research organizations a lot. It offers a 14-day free trial. But the pricing plan is also good. It costs $5 per user per month. The only negative side is that it does not provide a large number of templates.

<4.> Textografo

This is an online tool for making diagrams, decision trees, and sitemaps. It provides an interesting feature, which is text to diagram converter. Also, the user’s own diagrams can be converted into animations. It makes this software distinct from others. It provides nesting of diagrams. User can change the color of the diagrams by choosing a theme from a wide variety of themes. The only negative side is, the user should be familiar with Syntax. It offers two pricing plans. One is Essentials, which costs $8 per month, and the other is Premium, which costs $14 per month.

<5.> Lucid Chart

This software works both online and offline. It provides drag and drop facility. User can import files from Gliffy, Lucid Chart, etc. This software is really user-friendly. The only con is, this software doesn’t have a wide range of templates and shapes. This software is free. But it has optional paid services also. There, the pricing plan is $10 for 10 users. Also, it has paid services for JIRA. For the JIRA server, the price is $10, and for JIRA cloud, the price is $1.

Software, which is good for collaboration, will certainly take place among top-rated flowchart software. The lucid chart is one of them. It provides real-time collaboration, which is a unique feature. Moreover, it can export files to Microsoft Visio and can import files from Gliffy, Draw-Io, and Microsoft Visio, etc. It provides a wide variety of shapes and templates.

User can use it from any device. This software is best suitable for engineering projects, business purposes, project management, and design tasks. Freelancers also can use it. It provides various types of pricing plans. The basic plan will cost $4.95 per month per user. The pro plan is for $9.95 per month per user, and team plan will cost $27 per month.

<6.> Creately

This can be used both online and offline. It has a mobile version also, for Android and iOS users. Creately has a wide variety of shapes. It has the ability to make complex shapes from written texts. User can collaborate with anyone through email by using this software. Also, it can import Visio files directly. All over this software is really user-friendly. It is suitable for engineers, students, teachers, web designers, etc. it costs $5 per month per user. For a team, it will cost $45 per 10 users.

<7.> PlantUML

PlantUML is unique in its own way. It can make diagrams using its own scripting language which is really good for some programs. Also, it can export diagrams as SVG or LaTeX. It supports various types of diagrams like class, sequence, etc. This is free software. It provides a free trial also.

<8.> Yed Graph Editor

If a user wants to make a professional quality diagram or flow chart in a little effort, then this software is best. It can be installed as an EXE file or as a JAR file. One unique feature of this tool is, it can automatically arrange messy flowcharts in a tidy manner. Also, it has various export options, including PDF and SVG. This software provides free services.

<9.> Smart Draw

This can be a great alternative to Microsoft Visio. User can collaborate with others from anywhere by using it. It is great software for drawing various types of charts. Also, it has an intelligent formatting facility. It has the ability to create diagrams from data. It will cost $9.95 per month per user. This software is suitable for all who wants to create any diagram.

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Summing Up

All the above-mentioned names are some of the top-rated flowchart software. Visio is the most expensive of all. So, a smart draw can be the alternative here. Some of these are user-friendly and helpful for beginners. Some are perfect for engineers, enterprises, or software developers. A user should be familiar with all these software so that the right one can be chosen. So this article is an overview of the most popular flow chart software. Hope it will be helpful for all.