Best Fitness Apps for Android/iOS – Workout Apps for Both Men & Women

If you happen to be anything like me, smartphones and their expansive range of applications probably took a long, long time to integrate into your awareness, and further still, your routine. From the age of Japanese radio calisthenics with pumping music and lurid costumes, we have found thrown in our faces, apps that track every ounce of our sweat and graph the decibels of our snores.

In hindsight, this pace of accessible and user-friendly fitness technologies riding our markets is only natural in the face of the burgeoning middle class, increase in disposable income, and the obesity epidemic. The pressure to try diets and look presentable is crudely reinforced by social media circles, transparent and swelling as smoke rings.

On one’s own, motivation maintenance presents itself as a heavyweight task, and fitness apps are specifically designed to be ceaseless reinforcements of will. They have abundant features and variations which are gender-specific, with or without equipment (except maybe a yoga mat), multiple device-pairings, calorie trackers made effective with barcode scanners, hydration reminders, push notifications, log-keeping, geolocations, accelerometers, altimeters, music, personal consultation, discounted merchandise…..* Phew *

This vast competition and the space for choice and innovation is not as surprising, seeing that North America and Asia are currently the largest markets of fitness apps and devices, based on Android or iOS, free or with in-app purchases, with or without access to wristbands or smart bras (yes, that’s a thing now).

Top 15+ Outdoor & Indoor Fitness Apps for Android/iOS

So, if you’re an app connoisseur, or simply delaying your squat pumps under the guise of seeking perfection, here is a list of the top-rated fitness apps (as per Google Play, App store, and other app reviews), with their unique themes made to fit your preferences.

<1.> Freeletics

They offer a gym, running, workout and nutrition apps and guarantee effects in three months. It analyses your personal fitness goals and provides a custom plan based on it, corresponding to the digital coach of choice.

Freeletics - Fitness Apps

The registration is free, but the coaches have to be purchased at about INR 1160 per month.

<2.> Runtastic

Tracks the miles you ran, time is taken, elevation, calories burned, goals met, and other stats. With audio feedbacks from the voice coach and optimization for Android wear 2.0, Runtastic is probably only short of telling you to tie those laces.

<3.> Jawbone Apps

In addition to working out, Jawbone apps provide Smart guidance in multiple languages such English, Spanish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. They keep track of your diet and sleep routines and are compatible with a wide range of smart fitness devices.

<4.> Asana Rebel

The editor’s choice, it integrates yoga with other fitness exercises. It is currently available in six languages and boasts catering to aspects of mindfulness, relaxation, flexibility, along with muscle building and weight loss.

In-app, purchases range from INR 379.90- 6400 per month.

<5.> Leap Fitness Group

They have apps varying from period trackers and blue light filters to pedometers and 30-day fitness challenges. They provide compact HIIT workout routines with music and meal plans, often targeting a specific area in the body, with or without equipment. A 10 for diversity.

<6.> Simple Design Ltd.

The ‘Lose weight in 30 days’ app is one of the several ones to have gained recognition for their scientific methods and easily trackable progress. They provide simple 7-minute workouts and keep updating the exercises to keep up the fire.

<7.> Noom

They claim to use short goals and psychological tricks to keep fitness enthusiasts hooked to their purpose, identify deep-rooted thoughts and triggers to build a custom game plan to help them make healthier choices. They offer a 14-day free trial.

<8.> Gixo

Gixo offers live workouts which can be joined anytime. Track personal stats, including pace, speed, distance, rep counts, PRs, etc. They offer a 7-day free trial, after which, pre-recorded sessions can also be accessed.

<9.> Shred if

They offer customizable workouts based on a specific goal-body-shape chosen by you, be it Spartan, Beach Master, Titan, Curve Model, or Goliath. Their subscription modules are monthly, six-monthly, and yearly.

<10.> Endomondo

It allows you to track your workouts using GPS and keep a training log. It is also compatible with Samsung gear. You can relive and create 3D videos of your workouts that you can share with your friends

<11.> Strava

Essentially an activity tracker, it provides challenges to train you for not only running but trilithons, hiking, kayaking, surfing, rock climbing, indoor workouts, yoga, etc.

<12.> Argus

Argus by Azumio is a 100% free app. Unsurprisingly, it has excellent reviews, being compact with calorie counting, barcode reader, low battery consuming pedometers, personalized weight loss plans, and the most indispensable features one can think of by now.

<13.> RockMyRun

It offers a great variety in workout music and works with a wide range of other fitness apps. The mixes available are made in sync with the beats-per-minute option, to suit a slow or fast-paced workout.

<14.> Fit Radio

They allow you to customize and choose intervals for your music, which comes in handy for HIIT workouts, along with task-specific playlists and audio motivation.

<15.> AllTrails

It identifies hiking, biking, backpacking, and running trails around the world. These maps can be saved offline too. AllTrails also provide inputs like satellite weather and air quality.

<16.> Komoot

Komoot has features of voice navigation too. You can use the pictures from your adventures to share on the Komoot community and gain solidarity with the like-minded. It also enables seamless sync along with a wide range of devices.

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<17.> ViewRanger

This is the Editor’s choice, owing to the accuracy of their navigation, simultaneous fitness tracking, pinpointing of key landscapes, and compatibility with OS Wear (formerly Android Wear™).

ViewRanger - Fitness Apps for Android

Undoubtedly, we are spoilt for choice. In the words of Marvin Philips, “the difference between try and triumph is a little umph.” But for all we know, this difference might just be the right choice of an app for you.