Best Dictionary Apps for Smartphones And Tablets

When we think of vocabulary, there are tons and tons of words there which can be used to express the same matter. On a daily basis, an average human being can only use and remember a very few of the words in the language. And since many words are used a Dictionary plays a significant role in it.

Dictionary is a collection of words in proper order comprising of all the ways the words can be used for. In today’s digital era we do not carry a whole book along with us but find come across the problem with the meaning of words. To cope with it, many Dictionary Apps have been made to make it easier and better to be proficient while dealing with these matters.

Top Offline and Online Translation & Dictionary Apps in 2019

Some highly recommended Best Dictionary Apps for anyone are given below.

#1 is one of the best offline dictionary apps for the Android platform. It has more than 800K downloads with a 4.6-star rating out of 5. It has many features and helps learn English with high proficiency and fun. - Best Dictionary Apps

They have more than 2000000 synonyms and definitions with a highly extensive database. To provide it offline the database would be automatically be downloaded into your device, and you will have an offline dictionary in your mobile phone always.

#2 Dictionary-WordWeb

Another top-rated dictionary app is here with offline feature and thousands of thesauruses with synonyms, sentence examples and many more. It has a built-in search option to find words more quickly and easily. And more features such as bookmarks, history and new words with updates.

#3 U-Dictionary: Best English Learning Dictionary

Also, available offline this app gives you access to 108 languages used across the world and also allows you to translate it into different languages. It has an inbuilt search option and also supports voice search. If connected with the internet you can even search Wikipedia and Google for the word you have searched for.

U-Dictionary - Best Offline Dictionary Apps

You can copy a sentence in it and translate it easily. It has10, 000,000+ downloads with 4.5 star ratings. It has features such as text translation, camera Translation, Offline Dictionary, Word Lock Screen, Sample Sentences and many more.

#4 Dictionary – Merriam-Webster

These dictionaries are the most reputed dictionaries all over the world, and this app has a 4.6-star rating with over 10M downloads. It is America’s most useful and respected dictionary. It is best for reference, education and building vocabulary.

Merriam-Webster - Online Dictionary Apps

The best thing about this app is that it is free and offline too. It has features such as new vocabulary, voice search, and word of the day, integrated thesaurus, example sentences, quick definitions and many more.

#5 Dictionary

Here is another app with over a 10M downloads with a 4.5-star rating. It is the world’s most comprehensive dictionary with a variety of languages such as English, Spanish, French, and more with a particular dictionary in it for the medical, legal and another field. It provides a translation into more than 40 languages and other translation potions. This app has features like bookmark, availability offline, multiple encyclopedias, and various thesauruses and may more.

#6 Oxford Dictionary of English: Free Dictionary App

Oxford Dictionary has 4.5 ratings with 50 M + downloads. It has over 350,000 words available free and more with the premium version. It has adaptability and unique richness of English words. 75,000 + audio pronunciations of standard as well as rare words.

Oxford Dictionary App - Download Dictionary Apps

Oxford Dictionary is used by all, professionals, students and academics and anyone who needs it. It has a research history of over 150 years, and that is why Oxford is one of the best in the matter of dictionaries. It has excellent search tools which are easy to use and are functional.

#7 English Dictionary – Offline Dictionary App

This app is free and offline and easy to use bookmarks, and other features which make are better than the rest of the apps available on the internet. It has a 4.4-star rating and has over 10M downloads.

English Dictionary App - Offline Dictionary Apps 2019

The meaning and another thesaurus with it are based on English Wiktionary. It has a fast, comfortable and functional interface. It has over 3060000 English definitions and easily accessible even offline.

#8 Offline English Dictionary

Available offline, this app explains the meaning of English words and contains more than 145000 words. It provides the words with meaning, examples, synonyms and other feature completely available offline.

Offline English Dictionary has text to speech option, and the words can even be shared with the friends provided with a user-friendly interface. It has the latest and updated better vocabulary and has a quick word searching. Apart from the features as mentioned above, it has antonyms and hyponyms too.

#9 Advanced Offline Dictionary

Free app with 290,000 definitions. This app has a 4.3-star rating and has 1M + downloads. It is available offline and doesn’t need any internet connectivity in the device. It provides the user with smart search options that are when you search you get search inside definitions and examples; you can even use different ways in which you want to explore.

Advanced Offline Dictionary - Dictionary Apps Download for Mobile

It has text to speech feature which enables the user to listen to the pronunciation of the words and meanings in both British as well as English accent. It helps in improving the vocabulary and is there always ready to use.

#10 Offline Dictionaries by

Offline Dictionaries app is also available offline with a massive and structured database which downloads automatically to your device to enable you to use the app even without the internet connectivity. It serves as the best option for advanced as well as the newbie users.

Offline Dictionaries by - Top Rated Dictionary Apps

Offline Dictionaries not only provides the meaning of the words but also with definitions, synonyms, antonyms and sentence examples too. It has inbuilt text to speech feature which attracts more users towards it. Using this app, you can even learn different languages like French, Spanish or German by just downloading some additional files.


Dictionary being a sea of meanings and thesaurus is primarily the best option to use to know the words in a much better way and help in learning the synonym and anonymous too with the meanings. As the times have changed, most of the dictionary apps are now available offline and can be operated easily.