5+ Best CRM Software – Get Free Demo of Top CRM System Now

Customer relationship management (CRM) software can help your business strive that’s all business throughout their tenure looks for. By streamlining sales funnels, keeping customer happy, making customer data searchable and of all a tool to check results in a real-time, CRM Software can manage and scale up your business opportunities.

Today technology has been the driving and the populous factor. There are now more CRM options available for businesses than ever before. There is CRM software which gives you a robust end to end solution, a simple one to meet the requirements of small businesses or a free version to fit your needs. There’s CRM software for every budget and need.

CRM has its history altogether, initially, the CRM software was peaked towards sales & PR people, and offered the installation of customer information and tracking automation. But now, CRM software span into different propositions of business right form customer relationship management to analytics to marketing to project composition. Even so, some CRM software’s have been incorporated into the chatbot & calling programs to offer representatives direct access to the system.

Best CRM Software

Even small businesses can invest in this robust customer relationship management software citing the increased number of affordable SaaS solutions. This has made the market a fair proposition for SMB because now the same opportunities avail to the corporate world is available to the SMB’s via CRM software. Excess competition and echelon pricing have eased businesses pickings but at the same time picking the most efficient one is really matters.

But worry not, to help you cope with the right CRM software for your businesses, we have handpicked top 10 CRM Software options for your business purposes.

<1.> Salesforce (Best for SMB)

Salesforce, this CRM software is all in one cloud-based computing solution. Although its primary usage is associated with large business enterprises. Salesforce’s software is one of the best for small businesses. This software small business edition allows you to take benefits of this product robust feature of CRM applications at a friendly price. Salesforce solutions interface is very easy to use and consists of prime features including workflow automation, lead generation, sales funnel, project management and many more features.

<2.> HubSpot CRM (Best for Very Small Business)

HubSpot gives an easy & streaming gateway into the world of CRM software to independent contractors and business owners. There comes a premium version plus a free version too. The free version of HubSpot allows you to scale your businesses at almost zero costs. It provides clients a plethora of training resources in its online resource library consisting invoice template generators, marketing plan template generators, learning guides and email signature generators. Clients have a great DIY buffet of options without incurring spend cost on development.

<3.> Sugar CRM (Best for Developers)

SugarCRM’s has all the appreciation from the industry for its rewarding customer services, developing end focus and a wealthy set of features. This customized CRM solution offers a complete learning library as compared to other SaaS CRM software. SugarCRM has a rich library resource in its clouding series offering a number of developer services from workflow automation to data analytics and technical documentation. Also, its online dev community is one of the highly responsive and active pages in the developer Community pages.

<4.> Zoho CRM (Best Overall)

Zoho easy to use, affordable and intuitive software offers a collage of feature set to business enterprises as well as individual businesses. This software does not offer as extensive customization options as other ones we have reviewed but this software offers other means to tailor made your needs.

Like Zoho, all applications, its CRM software `is built thoroughly modern, clean and robust. It offers a group of clicks to install extensions via the Zoho marketplace and its easy adaptive features make it easy for businesses to develop a custom made CRM solutions without a need of a developer.

<5.> Less Annoying CRM (Best Low-Cost)

Less Annoying software takes the complexity out of these software solutions and gives users a readily easy to use and inexpensive CRM with a subscription of $10 per user. Less Annoying apart from the additional features simplifies the whole implementation process with running the system go and up in hours. Users can check out this software demo online without filling out a submission form or queries.

<6.> Insightly

A top voted CRM software populous among smaller businesses because of its super easy interface and navigation system. Tailored made customization and abundant integrating options made this CRM software a top pick for any business. Insightly has also add-on features such as task management and tracking. The only pitfall this software does not provide custom dashboards.

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<7.> Agile CRM

Agile CRM is high-end software that it offers a lot of big enterprise features like project automation, tracking and custom appointments. This software apart from the above features also support large resources of plugins- API derived and power integrated. However, the free version is quite limited considering the feature’s capabilities.