7 Best Chemistry Apps for High School & +2 {Android & iPhone}

This another collection of good educational Chemistry Apps for high-school, +2 students and teachers. Chemistry is a subject that demands analytical abilities and the right approach in understanding the underlying principle inherent in the different concepts and topics so that one can enjoy studying chemistry and unravels the curiosity of a person.

So to tackle the fear of chemistry within you and help you with your grades, we are here with the Best Chemistry Apps that can eventually make you feel that chemistry is not a tough nut to crack and anyone can do it.

#1 Periodic Droid

Let’s start from the basic when you need to learn the periodic table as the beginning of chemistry. The periodic table seems to contain endless elements with their atomic masses and atomic numbers which is not easy to learn and memorize at one go. One needs to re-read it hundreds of times to have mastery over them so that you can understand chemistry as they are the building blocks of chemistry.

Periodic Droid Best Chemistry Apps in 2019

The Periodic Droid is an app that makes it’s easy to learn the elements as it gives information regarding every aspect at one go and the app has an interactive interface with its quiz module to help you determine the aspects way more comfortable than your lectures at school and colleges.

#2 WolframAlpha

It’s one of those apps that contains everything related to education be it science, health, society, culture, mathematics and you can never be disheartened while searching for an answer on this app. It’s an excellent app for doubts relating to chemistry and provides step by step solution with precision by professional academicians from all over the world.

WolframAlpha - Best Chemistry Apps

What can be much better when you have multiple teachers to teach and make you understand the difficult questions of chemistry that too in a natural way. As it said that best things come with a price so this app as well, but a penny price of $4 will not stop you from utilizing the immense knowledge the app provides.

#3 Chemistry Cheat Sheet Free

Cheat codes have a become a daily part of our lives especially with the advent of technology that offers you shortcuts as instead of toiling in the unknown direction; it’s better to do smart work and succeed. Chemistry Cheat Sheet app comes to your rescue.

Having a 4.1 rating makes it one of the best apps for chemistry as it reduces the large solutions and concepts to a summary that helps in having a quick revision and understand in a more faster manner. The app provides you with all the foundational concepts of chemistry ranging from fundamental units, acids and bases, thermodynamic concepts, laws, and formulas to organic chemistry as well.

#4 Chemistry Notes

Notes are an essential part of learning as it gives vital information to be taken down so that while studying you have them by your side. It is hectic and both tiresome when you can’t take down the notes delivered to you during your classes due to multiple reasons that hinder you at that very moment. Chemistry Notes is an app specially built for this purpose of yours that gives you prepared notes by talented teachers in your mobile phones so that you can have access to records anytime anywhere.

Chemistry Notes - Best Chemistry Apps

The app is one of the most preferred ones among the students due to its easy to use the feature and pinpointed notes that gives you an extra edge over others. Infact the points that aren’t covered by your teacher will be available to you on this very app of chemistry notes. So start using this app for your Nuclear or Analytical chemistry notes that aren’t complete yet.

#5 goReact

Chemistry would have been boring if it only had consisted of theories, but it’s not the case. Experiments and practical makes it worth to study chemistry and understand the principles and concepts that the subjects want to convey but learning the procedures, and entire methodologies of chemical reactions are painstaking.

goREACT - Best Chemistry Apps

goREACT makes it easier for you to follow every response by making you a virtual chemist where you add chemicals and carry out the experiments which in turn gives you the practical knowledge of doing an investigation and makes you understand better. This app contains some 300 chemical reactions to learn from, even the ones you aren’t allowed in the actual laboratories due to being dangerous.

Furthermore, the fantastic images and video illustration gives you enjoyment while studying practicals.

#6 iChemistry

iChemistry is like a personal tutor that guides for your exams to excel in them. It’s used by millions of students regularly for learning the concepts of chemistry in a clear and straightforward explained manner. While studying, you can add your notes and bookmark them for future use. The app’s pro version provides you with advanced topics of chemistry.

The multiple choice quizzes help you to have points remembered on your fingertips and rates your level too. Additionally, you can save your favorites arguments so that they can be used anytime. The Solved Example features make it different from other apps and make it worthy among the other apps to be listed here.

#7 Chemistry Dictionary

Chemistry Dictionary is a great app to make you quickly learn the chemistry terminologies. It contains word related to organic chemistry, physical chemistry, etc. While studying, it’s essential to have the definitions by your side so that you don’t get stuck up to a word.

Chemistry Dictionary - Best Chemistry Apps

This dictionary app has over 15000 words with their type, definitions along with their synonyms. The app has a regular update mechanism so that every update adds new words to the neverending dictionary with clear and concise interface to use.

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These were some of the Best Chemistry Apps so that the fear of equation, formulas, and reactions can be conquered and you can achieve the best results that too with learning chemistry with fun.

Nothing in this world is impossible so is the subject of chemistry, you need to have a clear cut understanding of its concepts, and you will start loving the theme. Let the Burden of doubts falls on these top chemistry apps so that you can enjoy the whole exercise of learning chemistry. I surely bet that you won’t regret using these chemistry learning apps as I have used them during my school days.