20+ Best Biology Apps For Learning Biology Quickly {iOS/Android}

In this period of digitalization, learning or education of students has had a great impact.  With all the ever-increasing technological developments, education has also imbibed a technical character. Learning apps, Youtube, blogs, etc. all help students a lot to understand various concepts and well-defined theories involved in their academic syllabi.

The online or e-learning has become the recent trend that is spreading at an unmatchable pace. It provides students with an opportunity to learn in a better way through visuals and videos rather than their regular monotonous lectures. This makes learning more accessible and more fun. It enables students to store knowledge in their minds for a long period. It is very less time consuming and ten times more interesting for students who want to learn. One such sphere of education in biology.

Biology- generally termed as a study of plants and animals is a very vast field to adopt as a profession. It requires a hell lot of knowledge to take up this field. From remembering all those typical biological processes to the thousands of scientific names assigned to each organ in a human body, the process of being a biologist or a doctor is the toughest.

The applications being developed for educational purposes for both androids and i0s are of great use today. These biology apps lessen the burden of reading and replace a stock of cumbersome books with just an application in a device. It saves a lot of cost and efforts as well as students utilizing biology apps.

Since talking about biology, let us be face to face with some of the best biology apps we can use in our Android devices. The following are the best biology apps for Android & iOS that must be used for learning biology quicker and better:

<1.> Animal Anatomy And Physiology

Best Biology Apps - Animal Anatomy And Physiology

It is an E-book summarising all the morphology and the anatomy of a human body within itself. It well defines all the biological processes that take place in a human body and all the important terms that are used in the biological world.

The E-book is divided into various heads namely chapters like cells, hormones, chemicals, etc., covering the whole of the topics involved in biology. This app is specifically very useful for learning dissection processes as it involves veterinary medicines examples all over the chapters.

<2.> Cell Biology 101

Best Biology Apps - Internal Cell Biology 101

This app available on Google Play unveils all the mysteries relating to molecules and morphological systems happening in an animal body. This app along with explanatory videos, also provides a lot of study material for practice. A student can get various assignments, quizzes, practice papers, etc., on all the topics he/she wants.

It is one of the most trusted apps by biology and medical students who are preparing for GRE, MCAT, DAT exams. This app is truly very beneficial and trustworthy and provides solutions to every problem that a student face in the process of learning.

<3.> Internal Organs In 3d (Anatomy)

Best Biology Apps - Internal Organs In 3d

In case you love watching surgeries or have a passion for gathering all the information regarding the internal organs of an animal or a human body, this app is the best match for you. This app figures out and views the internal organs of a human body in the 3-D formats.

Through this, you can even touch any of the internal organs you want to and get detailed morphological descriptions about each of them. This app completely defines the study of internal organs of a human body like heart, brain, etc.

<4.> Learning Biology Basics

Best Biology Apps - Learning Biology Basics

This app is actually for the basics of biology. It teaches us the basic concepts of biology like evolution, basic botany, zoology, types of pollution, etc. This app also provides information regarding advanced topics like genetics, variations, cellular structures, etc.

It also covers topics like cellular and molecular systems and biology. It is of a great use for clarifying basic doubts while learning biology and strengthening our base. Also, it prevents us from incurring a lot of mistakes by clearing the view of various concepts in our minds.

<5.> Medicinal Plants (And Its Uses)

If you are a botany lover, you have to download this app right now. This app provides us with an interface between various plants available in our ecosystem and the medicinal purposes they can be used for. This app is a coin with both sides best for us.

On the one hand, it grants us knowledge regarding our nature and its value while on the other, it helps us to replace the harmful chemicals that are being used in preparing medicines and causing a hell lot of pollution along with having a huge amount of side effects ruining the human bodies.

<6.> Scientific Binomial Names

We know science is all about nomenclature and classification of organisms. This particular sphere of science involving naming and classification of organisms is called taxonomy. So if you are interested in taxonomy, then this app is completely compatible with you.

This app consists of around 3000 biological names of different organisms including bacteria, plants, and animals. Besides this app can also be functioned offline whenever wherever you feel like using it.

<7.> Microbiology 2017

It is a mobile (Android) review app specially designed for students taking up microbiology. This app provides various review lectures as well as graphics regarding different microbiological principles and techniques.

It is an excellent refresher too as it allows for a huge set of practice papers, quizzes, etc. as well for practice. It is the most highly recommended app for learning the fundamentals of microbiology. This app is indeed of great use for students with non-major courses.

<8.> Visual Anatomy

It is an interactive learning app featuring three-dimensional models of human body anatomy. It also describes every tissue or organ of the human body. This app also comes with audio pronunciation command, also improving our vocabulary.

It is beneficial for medical personnel, academicians and even students who have taken up biology in general. It is a beneficial development for gaining all the information regarding the biological world within a short period and with a lasting impact.

<9.> Human Anatomy

This app gives the user a feel of seeing through and an experience similar to a sense of touch of organs of a human body. It helps the user to thoroughly go through every part of a human body by enabling him/her to study a particular system of the body and providing them with detailed descriptions about the organs of a human body.

The main highlight of this app is that you can even zoom in to the organs and view them like they are actual images. It helps to create a real-life experience for the users.

<10.> Touch Surgery

If you are finding ways to practice surgery at your own hands and can’t find some compatible options, then this app suits you completely. It is a surgical stimulation which allows its users to perform operations on patients. Apart from providing users with three-dimensional graphics to operate on, it also helps them keep a record of their progress.

It follows the users utterly aware of their level of experience by assisting them in tracing their growth in terms of improvement in handling surgeries.

<11.> Microbiology Smart Guide

It is a microbiology app that is available for download in the Google Play Store. This app serves an offline dictionary defining all the microbiological terminologies along with the names of scientists and their discoveries.

This app is the best for study material that it provides in the form of quick guides, practice questions, and quizzes as well. It is a development by edutainment ventures and recognized everywhere. It helps us to enrich our vocabulary along with the level of knowledge.

<12.> Bioblox 2D

Bioblox2d is a block matching mobile puzzle game that is created with the concept of biomolecules. The main aim of this game is to create matches among receptors and their ligands by rotating, switching and swiping. Apart from the fun learning experience via the concept of play, it also gives its users a virtual reality feeling as it shows various processes like docking of proteins, etc. Hence it is the best way to learn molecular biology while having fun.

<13.> Best Free Science Quiz

It is a mobile quiz app perfect for those who like to learn competitively. The ones who want to challenge their knowledge of science in general from time to time. Besides, it is also an interactive game, focussing on various streams of science like biology, chemistry, physics, etc.

This app apart from quizzes consists of numerous topics ranging from basic science to more advanced ones. It has a total of 20 levels ranging from easy to hard and some additional degrees as well. It is the best way to judge one’s level of knowledge and enhancing it at the same time as well.

<14.> 3D Brain

The 3d brain is one the best apps to have a complete and clear picture of what actually a human brain is, its functions, its structures or its appearance, etc. It allows you to zoom and rotate around each region of the brain using your touch screen.

3D Brain provides you with interactive buttons that can be used to go through various information like disorders, diseases, and other brain-related searches. It gives its users a full package of knowledge, view and fun learning experience.

<15.> Biology Quiz

In case you want to test your knowledge in the field of biology, this is the app you need to install right now. It will give you a true and fair picture of where you stand among all in terms of biological knowledge. You can answer the questions of various fields of biology in this app, and these too are arranged in a very humorous way to prevent you from getting bored. You can try as much questions as you want to with no restrictions even if your answers are incorrect.

<16.> Attenborugh’s Story of Life

This app featuring the very famous broadcaster and naturalist-David Attenborough, allows its users to explore the best wildlife moments that have ever been documented by this man. The app is even named after his name due to his commendable pieces of work he has taken up in his lifetime.

You can even watch the collection of films about wildlife as well as the product of his 60 years career of studying nature. This app gives immense knowledge about nature and wildlife to its users.

<17.> Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases is a biology app that discusses several important topics in regard to infectious diseases. It provides health information for general use as well as a medical recommendation about almost every kind of situation that may arise through insect bites, bodily contact and much more. It is not only meant for medical students but also great in use for those people who remain curious regarding such diseases and want to know more and more

<18.> Neet Biology App

Best Biology Apps - Neet Biology App

This app is an excellent learning tool for users who aspire to become doctors. It helps them to learn and understand more about biology along with chemistry and physics. Neet Biology features numerous diagrams, illustrations and flows charts that can be used in preparing for the entrance exams for careers in biology and Medicine. It proves as a very great tool in preparing for the National Eligibility And Entrance Test. It is an excellent source of learning for all NEET aspirants.

<19.> Complete Biology

This app is perfect for high school and university level students who desire to learn biology in preparation for their exams. It is divided into 35 different biology topics and features categories like dictionary, tutorials, practical exercises and reviews. Thus as the name suggests this app is complete in itself by all means. Very helpful for students taking up biology as their mainstream subject.

<20.> Sceptical Science

The app is truly made for science geeks. It helps its users to respond to false statements and claims about global warming by using information from peer-reviewed scientific studies.

Sceptical Science is an excellent tool not only for knowing about climate change but also to understand how climatic changes occur and how to possibly mitigate its effects. It is truly a great source to gain knowledge about climate change and its effects.

<21.> Biology E-Book And Quiz

This app available for download in android devices is an electronic book filled with numerous syllabi about different disciplines of biology like botany, zoology, anatomy, etc.

Apart from syllabi, it also consists of practice and timed quizzes which everyone is free to use. Basically, with the help of this particular app, you can review your biological or scientific knowledge anytime and anywhere.

<22.> Khan Academy

If you want to access a wide variety of topics in one place, then this app is the perfect solution to your problem. Not only history, but it also involves all spheres of learning like economics, social science, mathematics, etc.

This app can be used to study various physiological processes as well as a reviewer for college entrance exams. It is immensely helpful in preparing for various entrance exams based on career options.

<23.> Biology

Lastly comes the app named simply as biology. This app can become your best buddy while studying biology as it works as an offline dictionary of biological terms and gives us quick access to almost every field of biology.

It consists of more than 5000 biological terms for us to learn from. Thus, indeed a virtual mentor is what this app is for all of us. With great features, this app will enrich our skills to a very great extent.


Thus, the above context has proven the fact that there is no way to declare a field like biology to be monotonous. Every sphere of learning is fun-oriented; just it all depends on the way we adapt to learn. Hence, no way, after knowing about so many biology apps that we can say learning biology is at all boring!!!