Best Video Player for Android in 2019 {Updated List}

It’s of no doubt that when it comes to the features; nothing can beat the Android mobile operating system. Since it’s based on Linux and its open source in nature, developers are developing more and more new Video Player Apps for the Platform. In fact, we can now virtually do anything with our Android Smartphone like watching movies, play games, listen to music, surf the web, etc.

The regular users of video players  are always in search of some video players with all necessary which and the ones  which can support multiple file formats. Whether you want to find a way to play MP4 videos, MKV videos, or are just looking for a Windows Media Player, then following is the list of some of the best video players that can help you pick the right player for your needs.

Top 8 Video Player Apps for Android

Following list includes some of the best video players for Android in 2019:-

Application NamePaid/FreeOS
VLC MediaFreeAndroid
MX PlayerFreeAndroid
XX Video PlayerFreeAndroid
Video Player UltimateFreeAndroid

1. VLC Media

Millions of people rely on the VLC media player to watch the latest and popular videos. It is an open source cross-platform and a free video player that plays all the formats of streaming videos and audio files. VLC for Android is one of the popular media player app available on the Google Play Store.

VLC Video Player - Video Player Apps

Basically, it’s an open-source multimedia player that can play almost all major media files. Apart from that, VLC for Android also got support for cross-platform. Also, you can save videos offline to watch them in your free time.

Features of VLC media player:

  • This incredible app supports all kind of formats including. FLAC, MP4, AVI, MOV, AAC and MKV.
  • It has a media library for the video1 and audio files and recommends video to watch from same artist and album

2. MX Player

MX Player Pro is one of the most used video players along with some of the most advanced features including hardware acceleration and subtitle format support such as DVB, Teletext, DVD and MicroDVD. It is the most popular video player app on the list which is now used by millions of users.

MX Player - Video Player Apps Download

The video player app stands out of the crowd due to its unique offerings. From gesture supports to multi-core decoding, MX Player has it all.

Features of MX PLAYER:

  • Entertain your kids and teenagers without worrying about they might access other applications and important documents.
  • To facilitate the users with even the smallest information appearing while playing the video, they can zoom in or zoom out the screen.

3. BSPlayer

BSPlayer is one of the popular video player apps for Android that you would love to have. The great thing about BSPlayer is that it comes with HW decoding support that improves the playback speed considerably. Apart from that, the app also got support for PIP Mode and it can play almost every type of video file formats.

BSPlayer - Video Playing Apps

Features Provided by BSPlayer App Are:

  • It comes with multi-core HW decoding support that increases the speed of playback files
  • . The app supports kid’s lock that allows you to lock your device screen to prevent accidental changes to the video.
  • It supports external and embedded subtitle formats including ASS, SRT, and SSA.

3. KMPlayer

KM Player is one of the best and top rated video player apps that are available on the Google Play Store. The great thing about KM Player is its interface which looks amazing and clean. Apart from that, KM Player is also known for its high-quality video playback from HD to 4K, UHD, Full HD, etc. The features in this app are mentioned below:-

KMPlayer App Download

  • Available in thirty different languages including English.
  • It comes with floating screen that allows you to do multi-tasking while playing videos on your screen.
  • It gives you Google Drive support to save your favorite videos on Drive with ease.


Another video player with a beautiful interface that works with tons of codec, 4K video is Mobo Player. Mobo player has streaming support from multiple devices, DLNA, and thumbnail artworks are included too. It basically plays almost anything, lets you edit your videos, and looks good at the same time.

MOBO Player - Download Free Video Player Apps

Features of MOBO App Are Mentioned Below:-

  • You get media libraries to organize your preferred videos and you can sort related videos in the suggestions.
  • It provides multi-subtitles and multi-audio streams.
  • You can create your own playlist and enjoy persists video-play on the similar type of tracks.

5. Plex

Well, if you are looking for a good looking video player app for Android, then Plex might be the best choice for you. Plex is not only the video player but it’s much more than that. It can play music, photos, movies, stream videos, etc. Apart from that, Plex has support for almost all major video files formats. So, Plex is one of the best video player apps that every movie lovers would love to have.

Plex - Best Video Player Apps for Android

Features that are offered by the Plex App are:-

  • It supports Google Chrome castand other streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV and Android TV.
  • Plex will have all your video, music, and photo libraries available along with your preferred podcasts, web shows, and music streaming from TIDAL.
  • Nonetheless, you can also watch and record FREE over-the-air broadcast TV, including major networks with a cooperative tuner and antenna.

7. XX Video Player

XX Video Player is the leading free multimedia player that makes sure you will watch the video with simple and convenient controls to get the experience you always wanted.

XX Video Player - video player download for pc

 Following are XX Video Player Features:-

  • You can create different video folders, lists or grids all videos.
  • Get outstanding sound effects with stereo surround sound effect, bass booster, and equalizer, to give you feel of a multiplex.
  • Like other apps, it also supports all video formats such as FLAC, M4V, AVI, M3U, F4V and MP4 formats

8. Video Player Ultimate

It is a powerful and best partner that not only helps to kill your free time but also gives ultimate and unforgettable experience than ever. Also, Video Player Ultimate is an advanced technology that automatically detects popular audio and video formats.

Video Player Ultimate App for Video Playing Download

Following are Video Player Ultimate features:-

  • It gives you remarkable experience and advantage of hardware acceleration after using its hardware decoding.
  • The app allows you set the sleeping time, so in case if you fall asleep, the app can automatically stop working on preferred timings.
  • The users can enjoy HD quality video sand can create their own history playlist.

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Finally, these were some of the best video players for Android in 2019. That said, everything on our list has more features or supports a wider array of video files. These are the best Android video player that every Android user would love to have. Now, you have plenty of option to choose an app that fulfills your needs and demands.