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What is the Purpose of RicePurityTest.Info

To check and regulate the teen behavior, a system of Official Rice Purity Test has been introduced, which has become a common feature of induction into college life at the beginning of a school year and is targeted particularly at freshmen. The Rice Purity Test has become a national phenomenon that has garnered increasing popularity over the last years.

Rice Purity Test has been described as self-assessments – a graded survey that calculates the degree of innocence an individual keeping in mind the parameters such as doing drugs, practicing deceit and other vices. It based on a percentage scale.

The Rice Purity Test includes test score describing the purity of the person undertaking the test. The purity tests are taken by individuals themselves, simply requiring a yes or no answer to a list of hundred ‘Have you ever…’ questions. But still there are some questions and queries which bother the person who is willing to undertake the Rice Purity Test, and before undergoing the test he/she tries to get valid answers to them and get a sense of personal security.

We are Helping Students to Build Good Character

The Rice Purity Test is itself can be taken as a sort of personality test of an individual. The personality test, on the other hand, will analyze the characteristics and personality of the fresher’s. Taking both the test together can give you a more detailed review of your personality and characteristics as an individual. Moreover, the Rice Purity Test in itself is enough for summing up what type of social life one will lead in the future.

So, our website is not only providing scores to the students. We also believe in building good citizens for the society.